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According to the report analysis “Branded School Uniform Market in India 2011” some of the major companies that are currently working in the branded school uniform market in India are Daga Brothers, EmmEmm Group, Goyal Trading Ltd., Rishika Enterprises, Nitin Enterprise, D. B. N. Dresses, JaBs, Gini and Jony Ltd., Youniform, Dhananjai Apparels Pvt. Ltd., Mafatlal Industries Pvt. Ltd., Rainbow Uniforms, School Uniform Centre, S. Kumara Unitexx, S. Kumars Nationwide Ltd.These key players are progressively more focusing on offering well-established products,producing strong brand names and exhibit long-term reliability. The vendors in branded school uniform market are increasingly competing against each other, which are based on factors such as features, price and product quality. The market has been dominated by local and unorganized players. Unorganized players are liable to benefit from a much higher revenue margin as evaluated to their organized counterparts.

In a particular school, students wear special clothes, called school uniform. It is British tradition. It builds up a sense of unity. It is intended in a conservative style. It supports motivation and discipline. School uniform is used in both public and private school. These are both an informal and a formal.

The classification of branded school uniform is done on the basis demand in the market such as suits, dress, shoes and others. With the different classification and usage of this the demand is growing more in the current scenario. In addition, the applications are split in the market as per on the basis of the demand for the branded school uniform include primary school, middle or senior high school, colleges, public services and others.

Use of uniform system have some of the key advantages which include evenness, reducing sluggishness, increasing chance of staying in school, heightened school pride, increase a sense of belonging & enhancing the learning environment, creating a sense of safety, improve attendance, exclusion of gang clothing and reducing operating cost etc. However uniform system adds financial burden for poor families, reduces individual identity and wasteful after graduation.

The market of branded school uniform is mainly driven by growing private school market. Increasing in an organized retail & inferior quality unbranded material and government initiatives are increasing significantly which led to the growth of the market. State government provides school uniform to rural areas’ students. Apart of the advantages some of the challenges include huge unorganized market and escalating input costs etc. Moreover the uniform market registering some new trends such as use of sophisticated technology, retail giants introducing school uniform brands and tie ups with schools and institutions.

In the future, it is expected that new entrants will come in the forecast period will provide the financial support to the market for more advancement in the technology and to increase the effectiveness of the school uniform. For increasing the market potential of the product the key players are making effective strategies and targeting the effective users of the school uniform. With all the effective strategies and development in the technology for manufacturing the uniform and is expected to grow in the coming years during the forecast period.

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