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Cyber security is an important concern against online threats embarking on greater today’s ever changing digital changing landscape. It has now become vibrant amongst organization due to rapidly growing frauds, cybercrimes, risk, threats, and vulnerabilities. The new disruptive and emerging technologies over banking, retail, information technology, defense, & manufacturing sectors have are offering to new capabilities, facilitating automation, and offering the ease over the past years. However, such technologies have also emerging of a potent factor in the development of the global threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware. The rise in popularity of digitalization bound organizations to comprehensively rely on digitized information. Sharing of a vast data over an external and internal environment across the globe has further made organizations as an easy target for the cybercrime over different forms of attacks. The cloud segment is further expected to exhibit a significant growth in the cyber security identity and access management market during the forecast period.

The companies are adopting new technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), machine learning, and big data for safeguarding against any cyber-attacks. The cyber security market research reports include analysis for most of the companies operating in the market. There is a shift from a signature-based malware detection system to a loT-enabled machine learning system. This shift will assist for understanding the ambiguous activities, events, and further assisting for detecting and identifying the uncertain threats. The ever rise in loT based services, the adoption of IoT solutions and services have also led to increase in IT security based applications. Additionally, big data technology is supporting organizations in studying and analysing the other potential risks associated. Based on analysis it is estimated impact of such technologies may further need wide scale adoption of loT and Al market will register an exponential rise in the cyber security solutions.

The rise in web-based applications, risk management solutions such as policy-based compliance, and audit management combined with low cost control measures are the key factors driving the Identity access management market. Moreover, the proliferation of features such as Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and remote workforce has compelled organization to accept IAM solutions, thereby driving the growth. Identity and access management focused on forming capabilities for supportive access management and associated compliance needs. The solutions not only focus on provisioning technology, preventing user for realizing the value of the implementation. The growing investment coupled with demanding R&D activities have augmented proliferation of advanced IAM products providing flexibility in ease-of-use and providing necessary control to meet the process requirements.

Identity access management is highly intensive on started capabilities for supporting access-based compliances and management requirements. These new and innovative solutions are expensive and have restricted use. These solutions have evolved by reducing costs, risks, and enhancing operational efficiencies of the organizations. The Identity and access management market growth is further accredited to increase in concerns associated to data exposure, data loss, data leakage, insider attacks, and insecure usage.

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