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Humanoids are something that resembles humans and have characteristics like opposable thumb, perform routine human functions like walking, cooking to performing laborious tasks like lifting weights. The concept of humanoids has been widely implemented in the area of robotics and they are called as humanoid robots. Generally, humanoids have a head, two arms and two legs but a few humanoids represent just a part of the body like from just the waist up. Androids are humanoid robots that resemble men and gynoids resemble women.

In North America, humanoids have seen increasing entry into educational, banking and retail industries. By 2023, humanoids are expected to have presence in all retail segments to improve customer support and experience. Healthcare and logistics are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence by robots do increase efficiency in operations. The American market is early adopters of humanoid technology. They have adapted and exploited the benefits of humanoids in various fields of public relations, personal assistance, education, caregiving and entertainment. Thus, this area generally generates maximum demand for robots. Humanoids are used in the defence and military as well and recently the US military introduced in addition to the quadruped models, bipedal robots to replace human troops and create a small army.

The report “North America Humanoid Robots Market by Component, Product, Application and Region 2014-2025: Segment Analysis, Trend Forecast and Business Strategy gives a detailed analysis of the North American humanoid market for the forecast period of 2014-2025.  The report provides a breakdown of all regional markets by country and split of key national markets by system component, product type and application vertical over the forecast years are also included. Specifically, potential risks associated with investing in North American humanoid robots market and industry is assayed quantitatively and qualitatively through GMD’s Risk Assessment System. According to the risk analysis and evaluation, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are generated as a guidance to help investors & stockholders manage and minimize the risks, develop appropriate business models, and make wise strategies and decisions. The top players in the humanoids market of North American DST Robot Co., Ltd., Engineered Arts, Hajime Research Institute, Hanson Robotics, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia, Kawada Robotics 135, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Pal Robotics, Qihan Technology Co., Robo Garage Co., Samsung Electronics, Softbank Robotics, Toyota Motor Corporation, Ubtech Robotics and WowWee Group Limited.

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