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The Smart pigging or intelligent pigging is enhanced and employed for inspecting, monitoring and observing pipelines in oil & gas, chemicals, mining, and water industries. It supports in cleaning pipelines by sparring the sides of the pipe and eradicating dirt and debris as it travels through it. Along with cleaning, an intelligent pig is also proficient of performing advanced inspection activities as they travel along the invention flow through the pipe. It supports in inspecting for erosion-corrosion, pitting, weld anomalies, metal loss and several others, by utilizing the nondestructive examination approaches such as ultrasonic testing and magnetic flux leakage testing.

According to the report analysis, ‘North America Smart Pigging Market by Technology, Application, End-user and Country 2014-2025: Growth Opportunity and Business Strategy’ states that the North America smart pigging market to reach USD 343.4 million in 2025, remaining its dominance in worldwide market throughout 2019-2025 driven by a rising implementation of smart PIGs (pipeline inspection gauges) in several applications across the region. In addition, huge shale gas improvement across North America and offshore deep-water exploration and production happenings were the hallmarks of the oil & gas industry during the past few decades due to technological advancements. This leads to the improvement of a huge network of pipelines to transport, gather, and distribute petroleum products. Not only has this, the distribution of gas as an energy source for both industrial and domestic purposes further augments the length of the pipelines across the globe.

Additionally, the Pipeline inspection is a crucial procedure in asset integrity management. The Pipeline operators require to plaid the signs of metal loss, internal and external corrosion, and several other irregularities to ensure protection and mitigate perils effectively. Enormous safety measures are demanded to carry or transmit large dimensions of flammable or explosive materials, such as natural gas or oil, through pipelines as even a minor leak in such pipelines may result in solemn consequences.

The Inline inspection of gas or liquid pipelines can be done with the support of intelligent pigging. It assistances to determine anomalies and objective areas that are required to undergo further examination, renovation, or replacement. Hence, governments of North America have made the inline inspection of pipelines. They are also maintaining on conducting scheduled maintenance and inspection activities to safeguard the long-term and safe operation of the pipeline, which is one of the foremost factors propelling the market growth.

Although, as the requirement for energy produced across North America endures to increase, the exploration and production would endure to move further towards harsh environments. In particular, the present discovery of certain fresh extraction approaches has opened several oil & gas shale regions in extremely remote locations. Additionally, unlocking the hydrocarbon possessions in low permeability shale formations, the United States becomes one of the leading processes of oil and gas across the world and is projected to remain the same throughout the forecast period. Therefore, in the near years, it is predicted that the market of smart pigging will increase around the globe more effectively over the upcoming duration.

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