Oman Logistics Market by Service Mix (Freight Forwarding Market, Warehousing Market and Value Added Services), by Third Party Logistics, By Cold Chain Logistics, by Express Delivery Logistics and by Industries (Oil & Gas, Engineering Equipment, Food & Beverages, Metals, Automotive and Others) – Outlook to 2022: Ken Research


Oman Logistics Market by Service Mix (Freight Forwarding Market, Warehousing Market and Value Added Services), by Third Party Logistics, By Cold Chain Logistics, by Express Delivery Logistics and by Industries (Oil & Gas, Engineering Equipment, Food & Beverages, Metals, Automotive and Others) – Outlook to 2022” provides a comprehensive analysis of the logistics market in Oman. The report covers various aspects such as overall market size of Oman logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing, cold chain, third party logistics, express market in terms of value, segmentation on the basis of service mix (freight forwarding market, warehousing market and value added services), and by type of industries (oil & gas, engineering equipment, food & beverages, metals, automotive and others). The report also covers value chain analysis for logistics market, comparative analysis of Oman logistics market with other GCC logistics markets, trends and developments, issues and challenges, industry norms and regulations and recent developments in the market. The report also covers the competitive landscape of the industry and comprehensive profile of leading players (Schenker, Deutsche Post DHL, FedEx Corp., Maersk Group, Nippon Express, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Al Madina Logistic Services Co) operating in the market.
The report includes future outlook and projections of the Oman logistics market, freight forwarding market, cold chain market, warehousing market, 3 PL market and express logistics market. Major macroeconomic indicators and major challenges affecting the market have also been highlighted in the report. The report also serves competitive scenario for each market which exists in logistics industry to get an in-depth understanding of logistics sector in Oman.

Oman Logistics and Warehousing Market
Oman has a unique geographical position which plays an important and leading role in logistics industry of the country. Logistics industry of Oman includes shipping, aviation, roads, ports, warehousing, rail which coordinate together to ensure cargo movement at minimum delay and cost. The logistics market has increased at a CAGR of ~ % during 2012-2017. The market has increased from USD ~ million in 2012 to USD ~ million during 2017. Oman’s logistics industry currently employs over 30,000 people and handles over 3 million TEU. Oman’s geographical position, availability of good infrastructure and its stable political climate are key drivers which have contributed to the growth of logistics sector in the country. Freight forwarding is the major contributor in the revenues of the industry contributing the percentage share of ~% in 2017, followed by warehousing (~ %) and value added services (~ %) during 2017. The other key drivers for economic growth are the investment in infrastructure construction of ports, free zones, industrial estates, roads, airports and rail network, economic diversification efforts and trade with GCC states, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oman Freight Forwarding Market
The freight forwarding market has increased from USD ~ million during 2012 to USD ~ million during 2017 at a CAGR of ~% during 2012-2017. Freight forwarding plays the most important role in carrying out a trade in both global and domestic markets. It is a fast growing and highly competitive industry with several active international and domestic players. The goods are transported through various freight management services, such as air, rail, road and sea. In Oman, sea has dominated as the major mode of freight forwarding, accounting for a market share of ~% during 2017. Majority of the freight movement during this period has been undertaken through the Asia, North America and European Union flow corridor which accounted for a share of ~%, ~% and ~% respectively. Major players in Oman freight forwarding industry include East Asia International, Kanoo Shipping, Global Corp Logistics and others.

Oman Warehousing Market
Oman warehousing market has increased from USD ~ million in 2012 to USD ~ million in 2017, growing at a CAGR of ~% during the period. The country is experiencing a major rise in the demand for warehousing services. The warehousing sector has been a stand out performer in the commercial market owing to improved infrastructure and connectivity, driving demand from occupiers, and enhancing the development of modern warehouse estates. Industrial retail has been the leading segment in the warehousing industry, contributing ~% (USD ~ million) of the market share in terms of revenues in 2017. The demand in the warehousing industry has surged majorly owing to the development of the industrial port at Sohar, development of port of Salalah, development of Duqm and other major sea and airports. As the capacities of these ports have increased in recent years, the demand of warehousing has increased in the country. The growth in the market is further triggered by increased demand for the outsourcing of warehouse services. Major players in Oman warehousing market include Omani Integrated logistic Services SAOC, Agility, GGL, GAC and others.

Oman Third Party Logistics Market
Third party logistics has witnessed a robust growth in the past few years in Oman. The market is growing at a CAGR of ~% during 2012-2017, increasing from USD ~ million during 2012 to USD ~ million during 2017. The worldwide trend of globalization has led to many companies outsourcing their logistics functions to third-party logistics companies. This helps them to concentrate more on their core competencies and hence generate higher revenues. 3PL companies will heavily depend on technology to collaborate, connect, and engage with customers in upcoming years. As the country will witness technological advancement, the 3PL market in Oman will grow at a high growth rate. The dominating companies in the segment are GGL, Cargo International, Agility and others.

Oman Express Logistics Market
Oman express logistics market has grown from USD ~ million during 2012 to USD ~ million during 2017 at a CAGR of ~% during 2012-2017. The rising prominence of online shopping has majorly attributed to the increasing demand for express delivery market. Oman has witnessed extraordinary boom in infrastructure over the past couple of years owing to government investment in transport infrastructure, such as roads, airports and ports. These investments are crucial to enhance Oman’s connectivity to facilitate both domestic and international trade movement across the region and attract foreign investment to the country. This way, Oman has gained more prominence in express delivery industry owing to better connectivity. In terms of B2B and B2C clients, B2B has dominated the market of express logistics in 2017 in terms of revenues with the share of ~% (USD ~ Million). The dominating companies in the segment are DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex and others.

Oman Cold Chain Logistics Market
Oman cold chain market has augmented from USD ~ million during 2012 to USD ~ million in 2017 at a CAGR of ~% during 2012-2017. The growth of temperature controlled logistics in Oman is attributed to technological advancements in refrigerated storage & transport, the growth of import & export of perishable foods, government support for infrastructure development of the cold chain industry and increase of consumer demand for perishable foods. The cold chain logistics has been largely dominated by cold storage which has contributed the largest share of ~% in the overall cold chain market during 2017. Cold transport has contributed a share of ~% in terms of revenues during 2017. Major segments products that demand cold chain logistics include meat & seafood, vaccines & pharmaceuticals, bakery & confectionary, chemicals, fruits & vegetables and others.

Oman Logistics Market Future Outlook
Oman logistics market is expected to increase at a CAGR of ~% during 2018 to 2022 to reach at USD ~ million by 2022. Freight forwarding services and warehousing will contribute in the overall market of logistics with the share of ~% and ~% during 2022. The growing population and industrialization will drive the freight & logistics market in the upcoming years. Furthermore, seaports act as an important node of a distribution network as more than ~% of the logistics is dependent on sea freight. As the government is focusing on enhancing the sea port capacities, it is expected that logistics market will grow in future. The Government of Oman has announced in 2013 that it will spend over USD 50 billion in infrastructure projects over the next 15 years, USD 20 billion of which is designated for the transport sector. The substantial investment in infrastructure offers widespread and attractive opportunities for logistics providers in the country.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Logistics Infrastructure in Oman
  • Value Chain Analysis Oman Logistics Market
  • Oman logistics market size
  • Oman Freight Forwarding Revenue
  • Major Players in Oman Logistics Market
  • Freight Forwarding Companies in Oman
  • Oman Cold Chain Revenue
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • 3PL Companies in Oman
  • Oman Logistics Market Future Growth
  • Upcoming Logistics Projects in the Country
  • Government Spendings on Logistics and Infrastructure Sector
  • Cold Storage Warehouses in the Country
  • Cold Transport Services in the Country


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