Oman Plastic Pipes Market is driven by Adoption of new agriculture Practices such as Drip Irrigation and Green House Farming and Rising Private Participation in Infrastructure and Real Estate Development: Ken Research


Muna Noor opened its new exclusive store in order to improve its reach to the end user.

Positioning of Oman Plastic Pipe Market

Oman plastic pipe and fitting market is in its late growth stage. The market has registered a single digit five year CAGR during 2012-2017. The raw materials used in manufacturing of plastic pipes and fittings are easily available in the country and is the very important reason for high value of domestic manufacturing. The market depends largely on the infrastructure growth in the country. The market has grown at slower pace than expected due to economic crisis (due to fall in oil price) that has engulfed Oman.

Private Participation Leading to Improving Economic Situation

The economic slowdown has adversely affected the infrastructure sector of the country as government spending has reduced substantially over the years. The steps taken by government in order to achieve economic diversification had a positive effect on the plastic pipe and fitting market. Infrastructure projects undertaken by the private sector have increased in value over the last few years and had positive Impact on the market. Construction of Duqm special economic zone have also boosted the plastic pipes and fitting market. Among plastic pipe and fitting market plastic fittings are mostly imported from neighboring countries. Water conservation is one of the major trends that can be observed in Oman which has affected the plastic pipe and fitting market a lot.

The newest type of pipes such as ABS, PPR, PPX are of high quality but at the same time are very high priced. Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor, Hepworth are some of the players in organized sector of plastic pipe and fitting. There are less than 10 players in the organized market and these companies manufacture high grade of plastic pipe and fittings. The players in unorganized market mostly manufacture PVC pipes only.

According to Ken Research report titled “Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market Outlook to 2022 By Type of Pipe (UPVC, CPVC and PVC, PE, Others) and By End User Application (Irrigation, Water Supply & Sewage, Plumbing, Chemical & Oil, Others)” infrastructure growth, increase in tourism and readily available raw materials are the major growth drivers in Oman plastic pipe and fitting market. Low oil prices, poor conformation to industry standards and lack of injection molding techniques are the major restraints in the growth of the fittings market.

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