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Organic dairy products are food products made from organic certification (Such as EU-Eco-regulation, USA NOP, etc.). The organic food contains the milk of cattle such as buffaloes, goats, sheep, and camels. The food products comprise of organic milk, organic yogurt, organic cheese and organic butter. In addition, the milk is obtained from organic raw milk with organic certification.

The global organic dairy products market is differentiated by products type and geography. The geography of the organic dairy products is Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Rest of the World. The leading vendors are Aurora Organic Dairy, Ben and Jerry, Horizon Organic, Kroger, Organic Valley, Safeway, Stonyfield, Whole Foods, Arla, Castle Rock Organic Farms, Danone, Harmony Organic, Lactalis, Nestlé, Schulz Organic Dairy, Straus Family Creamery, and Yeo Valley.

The organic dairy products market is showing a steady growth due to the continuous introduction of innovative organic dairy products such as flavoured and energy organic milk drinks. Government organizations along with organic dairy product manufacturers are promoting and focusing benefits associated with the usage of organic dairy products.Top of Form The negative impact of organic products is majorly due to the fake organic dairy products. Also higher input cost is involved in organic milk production. The ongoing research on organic dairy products is also an obstacle for the growth of the organic dairy products market.

It was observed that the global organic dairy products market is expanding across emerging economies due to the availability of large organic farmlands. The major leaders in global organic dairy products market are Kroger, Costco Safeway, YogiTea, Publix, Aspall, Ben & Jerry, VerdeGrass, Purity Foods, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Organic Valley, Eden Foods, and Whole Foods Market. The organic dairy products are readily available at Supermarket, Online, and Chain Stores.

There is a rise in the numerous health related issues due to the excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers, ionizing radiation, and sewer-sludge. Generally, hormones such as BGH and rbST are injected to the cattle to increase non-organic milk production that results in the growth of IGF-1. This IGF-1 gets absorbed into the human bloodstream during consumption thus increasing the occurrences of breast cancer.

Over the coming years the organic dairy products, market will grow at 12% CAGR due to the growing health awareness amongst the consumers. Awareness of farmers in the use of bio-fertilizers for cultivation of organic grass for feeding the cattle will help in investments in the organic dairy products. The organic dairy market growth is expected to decline due to the high prices of the dairy products. This market is greatly fragmented due to the presence of numerous small and big vendors. Maybe with the initiatives from the private providers there will be growth in this sector. The global organic milk market is predicted to reach USD 13 billion by the end of the year 2019. The main markets for the organic milk are the USA, the UK, France, Australia, China, and Germany.

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