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Soy contains all three macro nutrients, essential amino acids, and several minerals with benefits such as moisturizing skin, contains anti-aging properties, and restores the shine in hair. Soy reduces cholesterol levels, hypertension, risk of cancer, regulates glucose levels in people with diabetes, increase bone density and promote weight loss. These various health benefits have encouraged the increase in consumption of soy foods which are easily available. Dairy foods include milk and various milk products which boost health, nutrition and traceability in a human being. The increasing consumption of alternative dairy products is driving the growth in Chile dairy sector along with soy foods sector.

According to the study “Country Profile: Dairy & Soy Food in Chile”, dairy and soy foods are preferred by consumers as they offer several nutritional benefits and advantages. Introduction of new products within the dairy and soy foods industry coupled with health awareness are the major factors driving the market in Chile. Various dairy and soy foods are manufactured using colours, sweeteners, and stabilizing agents that are attractive and healthy. The decreasing quantity and quality in regular milk has led to decrease in consumption of milk. This trend has resulted in evolution of alternative milks such as organic milk, flavoured milk and energy milk. With increase in health awareness, excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers, ionizing radiation, and sewer-sludge has motivated alternate milks category in Chile.

The leading competitors within Chile’s dairy and soy foods market are Cooperativa Agricola y Lechera de La Union Ltda (Colun), Nestle SA, Soprole SA, Watt`s S.A., Surlat S.A., Quillayes De Peteroa Sa, Danone Group, Groupe Lactalis SA, Mondelez International and BRF S.A. Chile’s dairy and soy foods market is moderately populated due to the presence of numerous international and regional players. All the vendors complete intensely based on factors such as price, quality, innovation, service, packaging, brand image, distribution, and promotion. Chile’s dairy and soy food products are available at supermarkets, hypermarkets, health food stores and convenience stores.

Organic dairy and soy products are evolving in the Chilean markets which are exhibiting a steady growth due to innovation in products such as flavoured and energy organic milk drinks. It was estimated that the organic dairy products market will witness a steady growth.

Farmers are educated about the use of bio-fertilizers in cultivation of organic grass used as feed for cattle is driving the investments in the organic dairy and soy food products industry. Almost all organic or non-organic dairy and soy products meeting the required food specifications are the major factors encouraging the rate of consumption in Chile. This trend will continue over the next few years due to more demand for organic of inorganic products in the Chilean market.

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