How the Indian Government is securing the future of the Agricultural Cold Storage Market in India?: Ken Research


The agriculture sector in India has had consistent growth in production levels over time. This production level hasn’t been matched appropriately in terms of food storage, which highlights the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Industry’s existing whitespace. Despite being an agricultural nation, India experiences significant food losses per year that range from INR 90,000 to INR 100,000 as a result of inadequate post-harvest management and a lack of adequate cold storage infrastructure.

The government has been developing numerous programs and giving grants to help, along with special preference to the states that are behind in terms of infrastructure, in an effort to foster development in the agricultural cold storage industry. Here is an overview of all those crucial steps taken by the government to level up the agricultural cold storage market in India.

1. Indian agricultural sector is growing due to favourable climatic and demographic conditions which is creating demand for cold storage facilities in the country

2. Setting up cold storage facilities could aid in development of food processing, packaging industries, coupled with increase in farmer’s income

3. Indian Government is actively taking initiatives to establish a robust cold chain infrastructure to enhance the farmers’ income by preventing supply chain losses

4. Multiple schemes are implemented on ground to accelerate investment in the cold storage sector

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5. Government is also offering support to Cold Storage Industry via Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme, Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure Scheme and Role of NCDC

6. The establishment of Mega Parks is expected to provide a boost to processing & cold storage services.

7. With support from the government and investors, the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage sector looks attractive in the long run

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