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According to study, “Trends And Opportunities In The French Packaging Industry: Analysis Of Changing Packaging Trends In The Food, Cosmetics And Toiletries, Beverages, And Other Industries” some of the major companies that are currently working in the french packaging industry are manuplast, lga, overprint, vannerie pack, olivier maisonneuve, latinamerican cigars, sarl krut distribution, cytec, korozo emballages, arapack, cristal sac, acs-pack, zevathener, plasticaen, sarl prompack, orep packaging, janu’sac, sgt, isler & walter.adhis, baobbag, cpc packaging montreuil, delta, composants packaging, technibag,, tisza textil, ds smith plastic france, acs-pack, sudpaack medica.

French packaging industry is among the largest, most attractive and mature in the world due to its size and the level of demand from domestic consumption. Packaging is a process of covering, wrapping of goods into a package. It involves designing & producing the wrapper for a product. It is essential for offering goods in safe and secured position to consumer. Industrial packaging is focuses on the handling convenience & protection during transportation. It is classified into three types: primary packaging, secondary packaging and tertiary packaging. Some primary functions of packaging are presentation, convenience, protection, preservations and economy. Secondary packaging is used to group the primary packets together, outside the primary packaging. Some secondary functions are containment, identification, suitability, labeling and handling etc. Additionally, tertiary packaging is used for bulk handling, warehouse storage and transport shipping e.g. Palletized unit loads.

The packaging type includes flexible packaging, rigid plastics, rigid metal, glass and paper & board. Flexible packaging is any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed, e.g. Bags and pouches. A rigid-plastic material is defined as a material exhibiting no elastic deformation and perfect plastic deformation. Glass packaging is used for the production of glass containers, such as bottles, jars, drinkware, and bowls. Paper board is a thick, paper-based material that is generally thicker than regular paper. Paperboard comes in several different grades that possess unique characteristics making each grade suitable for different requirements and needs such as cereal, medicinal and cosmetic boxes.

Packaging industry is classified into shape, method, contents and material. Shaped packaging is classified into heavy packaging, medium packaging and light packaging. High packaging includes container and wooden packs. Medium packaging includes carton box, woven bag, can and tub etc. Light packaging includes flexible packaging, bottles, can and paper container etc.  Method packaging is define by vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, shrink packaging, go-flush packaging, moisture-proof packaging, skin packaging, strip packaging, gas flush packaging, blister packaging, tamper evidence packaging and restorable packaging. Content packaging includes food packaging, drug packaging, cosmetic packaging, dangerous packaging, liquid packaging, liquid packaging, power packaging, toiletry packaging, clothing packaging and powder packaging.

Some advantages of packaging are rising standards of health & sanitation, self-service outlets, innovational opportunity and product differentiation etc. Additionally, some disadvantages of packaging industry are cost effective and landfill impact etc.

French’s packaging industry is largely growing influenced by changing demographics and factors such as a high urbanization, as well as employment rates, which have a clear impact on consumer spending power and purchasing habits. These changes drive the need for new packaging types such as convenience, value-for-money, multi-packs, and smaller single-serve 2017, the french packaging industry growing rate was 91,691.6 million units. It is estimated that growing rate will be 97,781.2 million by 2022, at a cagr of 1.3%.

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