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Pipe and Valve Industry: Valves are multi-use devices that are used in regulating and controlling the flow of fluids. The fluids controlled or regulate valves for gases, liquids, fluidized solids, and slurries. The working mechanism of the valve includes the opening or closing of the passages. A valve can also be used for partially obstructing a passageway the application of valves can also be found in a variety of industries associated with water and sewage processing, mining, power generation, food business, plastic business, and the oil & gas industry. The valves are widely used in daily aspects of life such as plumbing, gas controls, tap water, washing machines/dryers, and air conditioning units.

Some of the key companies operating in pipes and valves market include Supreme Pipes, Finolex Industries Ltd., Utkarsh India, Prince Piping System, Captain Pipes, Durton Group, Ori-plast, Ashirwad Pipes, Astral pipes and others are the major key players of the pipes manufacturing.Plastic Pipe Market Research Reports

Increase in disposable income have led to an increase in usage of PVC pipe used for building and other commercial uses. The more developed technology of product making associated with pipe and valve industry is registering rapid growth and making the market more attractive. The increased adoption of diagnostics and smart technology for industrial valves have led to reduce the monitoring process and other variables that include upstream & downstream pressure stem position, temperature, and the flow rate fueling the demand over the coming years. The rising production & exploration spending in oil & gas industry stimulated the demand for the pipes and valves industry in addition to technological innovations, enabling access for the resources in deep waters. The substantial increase in pipeline installations and growth in unconventional oil & gas applications across the entire process.

Moreover, the increased focus on rural water management has supported the demand for pipes. Additionally, pipes are used for drain-waste-vent (DWV), water mains, conduit, irrigation, sewers, water service line, and other industrial installations. The different applications of PVC pipes demand of products increasing the rapid that resulted in the market expansion of pipes and valves more significantly. The significant development in the technology of water supply and sewage pipe industry for making the quality of products that lead to the development of demand. The use of pipes is highly durable and key players are undertaking the prominent role in making the market more efficient for both hosing and the industrial purpose for the usage of pipes in drain-waste-vent pipe systems and sewer pipes.

Increase in demand for the pipes for the irrigation, sector is considered to be one of the major driving factors for the PVC pipes market, in addition, the building & construction of the sector is a significant sector driving the pipe and valves industry. The upsurge in the awareness towards the clean water supply in the underdeveloped countries adding a significant increase in investment over the developing countries are predicted to enable new growth opportunities for the market. Therefore, in the forecast period, it is expected that the market of pipe and valve industry to increase more significantly with the technological developments supported by high amount of investment over the past few years.

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