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According to the study “Cloud Computing in Europe: Market Opportunity and Competitive Analysis”, Europe possesses the most matured markets for cloud computing with leading players who implement innovative technologies to provide best cloud computing services. With increasing technology cloud computing solutions attract several new vendors to enter the market who can contribute to the growth of the cloud computing market size. The leading players in the European cloud computing services market are AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, BT, T-Systems, OBS, Alibaba, Orange Poland and Vmware.

Cloud computing is utilized in organizations to manage their IT infrastructure with greater flexibility and reduces time required for implementing various cloud-based technological solutions.  There is an increasing competition to provide innovative products and services within the technological sector which adopt various IT frameworks. Cloud computing helps various organizations to effectively manage multiple service requests from a large number of customers. Cloud computing solutions also allow enterprises to connect with their channel partners and stakeholders on a common integrated platform that helps them to reduce IT expenditures, compels small businesses to grow exponentially over a period of time. Cloud computing technology helps organizations to effectively manage multiple services requests. The increasing popularity of service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a key factor that has a positive impact on the growth of the cloud computing market in Europe.

Cloud computing services have a wide range of applications such as virtual desktops, storage, servers, and development platforms within the technology sector. Advanced Cloud computing services promise more number of business opportunities while gaining popularity tremendously across several sectors. European cloud computing market helps in the efficient management of data, effortlessness processing and data storage in a particular network. Cloud computing is a common storage space that helps all the devices to access any related data linked to the network.

European cloud computing services enables employees to access data and applications easily from their user devices. Cloud computing services enable information technology capacities without the need for huge investments in data centres because few data centres are unable to efficiently handle all the IT requirements. Cloud computing services are accepted across several industries which rely on information technology resources to perform their daily work. European cloud computing services require initial investment and maintenance which indirectly enable enterprises to optimize and streamline their IT-based operations. European cloud computing services market is expected to be highly impacted by the problems related to the availability and high cost.

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