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How is Portugal Logistics Market is positioned?

Overview: Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market comprises of both organized and unorganized players which provide both logistics and warehousing services in the country. The companies offer a gamut of services including shipping, international freight forwarding companies combined with courier / parcel service providers which are primarily engaged in land transport. Portugal’s logistics industry undertakes various activities that ranges from procurement as well as final delivery of raw material and finished products. These services include freight forwarding, warehousing and value added services such as customs clearance, order fulfillment, distribution of palletized goods and transport management. The market is dominated by road and air collectively accounting for over ~% of total freight revenues.

Market: Portugal logistics industry has showcased a strong positive growth in past five years recording a CAGR of ~% in terms of revenues during the review period 2013-2018 owing to the country’s strong investment towards upgrading its transportation services and being open for collaboration. The freight forwarding sector has contributed the highest revenues to the logistics sector.

The growth in market was estimated at ~% in the year 2018. The revenue generation increased from EUR ~ billion in 2013 to EUR ~ billion in 2014 but declined to EUR ~ billion in 2015. This decrease was, in part, due to the instability felt in Europe which increased levels of economic uncertainty. The market revenue has seen an upward trend since 2015 continued till the year 2018.

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Segmentation

By Service Mix: Freight forwarding Market dominated in Portugal logistics and warehousing market with revenues totaling to EUR ~ billion and revenue share worth ~% in the year 2018. The country has a well-developed transportation network with ~ kilometers (~ miles) of paved roads, including ~ kilometers (~ miles) of expressways, ~ kilometers (~ miles) of railroads, and some ~ kilometers (~ miles) of navigable inland waterways (of relatively little importance to the national economy). Warehousing market followed with growing demand from e-tail (Electronic Retailing) companies. The rising warehouse outsourcing has aided to this segment by increasing need for warehousing services for storage of international and domestic packets. Lastly, Courier and Parcel market has accounted for ~% of the overall market revenue during 2018. The demand for Courier and Express has increased over the years to provide better customer satisfaction and improve delivery services of the companies. One of the main drivers of the CEP market is the increase in the domestic E-commerce trade.

How is Portugal Freight Forwarding Market Positioned?

Portugal freight forwarding market comprises of international as well as domestic players which provide both transportation and warehousing services in the country. The companies offer a gamut of services including shipping, international freight forwarding and value added services. Freight forwarding market is majorly dominated by the road freight in the country followed by the air freight and sea freight. During the first half of 2017, the Portuguese economy grew ~% driven by exports and investment. This growth was faster than the European average and the highest seen during the last decade.

The market witnessed a tremendous growth during 2013-2018. It increased from EUR ~ billion in 2013 to EUR ~ billion in 2018 thus, displaying a CAGR of ~% during 2013-2018.

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market Segmentation

By Freight Movement: Portugal freight forwarding market was dominated by road freight. It acquired the highest share of ~% owing to the fact that road freight is cheaper than air and the connectivity to the entire European region is well established which remains the major reason for highest contribution of road freight in overall freight forwarding revenue. Air contributed second highest revenue share in the freight forwarding market which is majorly driven by the express shipments and rise in E-commerce transactions. The remaining market share was captured by sea freight within Portugal during the year 2018.

By International and Domestic Freight Forwarding: International freight involves transportation of freight by road, air or sea within different countries. In terms of revenue, international freight forwarding contributed the majority share of ~% in 2018. Within international freight forwarding, transportation via road freight and pipeline dominated compared to air freight and sea freight. The remaining share of ~% was occupied by domestic freight forwarding in the year 2018.

By Air and Sea Flow Corridors: The flow corridor between European countries and Portugal is the largest contributor in the freight forwarding market because of the easy accessibility to European countries through road & air network. However, Asian countries attributed second highest share in generating revenue through air flow corridors. The major Asian countries that trade with Portugal include China, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Japan.

By Different Modals: Multimodal shipments refer to the transportation of goods under single contract and it is performed by several different modes of transport (by rail, sea and road, for instance). Most of the shipments took place through multi-modal which captured ~% of total freight forwarding market revenue in the year 2018P. Uni-modal grabbed the remaining share.

By End Users: Automotive industry dominated the end user segment in Portugal freight forwarding market. The automotive industry contributed revenue of EUR ~ million in the year 2018P. Food and Beverages is the second largest end user segment in Portugal freight forwarding market as Portugal largely relies on importing goods rather than manufacturing which automatically increases the use of road and sea freight to import majority of the products. The remaining market share of ~% was collectively captured healthcare, retail and other market segments during the year 2018 within Portugal freight forwarding market.

By 3PL and Integrated Logistics: Third Party Logistics dominated the freight forwarding market of Portugal in the year 2018 as most companies preferred to undertake third party logistics for providing freight forwarding solutions to their clients.

The market share held by 3PL business in the Portugal freight forwarding market was evaluated to be ~% in the year 2018 whereas; integrated logistics business in the country acquired the remaining revenue share of ~% in 2018.

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market Future Outlook and Projections

The freight forwarding market in Portugal is expected to incline in future, driven by rise in trading in the country, surge in E-commerce industry along with continuous investment by the government in developing the logistics infrastructure in Portugal. The market revenues are further expected to increase from EUR ~ million during 2019 to EUR ~ million by the year ending 2024E.

How is Portugal Courier and Parcel Market Positioned?

The courier and parcel logistics market in Portugal was started way back in 1978, with the entry of DHL in the market. However, express logistics market in Portugal increased positively with the entrance of FedEx, TNT, DPD, and UPS express during the period 1989-1997. Normal delivery was largely offered by the express logistics companies during the period. On the other hand, fast delivery was a result of commercialization and busier lifestyles as the customers started demanding quick delivery of the products. This led to introduction of new vertical in the logistics sector which was express courier. Parcels and documents were shipped in the starting of express logistics market but with the growth of E-commerce industry other products such as electronics, apparels, vaccines and other items are also transported via express courier. The market revenue saw positive growth during the review period of 5 years from 2013 to 2018 with a CAGR of ~%.

Key Segments Covered

By Services

Freight Forwarding


Courier and Parcel Activities

Value Added Services

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market

By Mode of Service (Freight Volume, Revenue Generated)

Road Freight and Transportation through Pipelines

Sea Freight

Air Freight

By Mode of Freight

Domestic Freight

International Freight

By Flow Corridors

Asian Countries

European Countries

African Countries

Others (American, Australian Countries and many more)

By 3PL/ Contract Logistics and Integrated

Contract Logistics

Integrated Logistics

By End Users

Food and Beverages



Automotive (Spare Parts, Components)

Others (Dangerous Goods and Chemicals)

By Different Modals



Portugal Courier and Parcel Logistics Market

By International and Domestic Express

International Express

Domestic Express

By Air and Ground Express

Air Express

Ground Express

By Delivery Period

One Day Delivery

Two Day Delivery

Three Day Delivery

More than three Day Delivery

By Inter and Intra city

Intra City

Inter City

By Market Structure




By Region





Portugal Warehousing Market

By Business Model

Industrial /Retail Container

Freight /Inland Container Depot

Cold Storage


By Region





By Type of Warehouses

Closed Warehouse

Open Warehouse

Cold Storage

By 3PL and Integrated

Contract Logistics Warehousing

Integrated Warehouse

By End Users

Food and Beverages

Automotive (Spare Parts, Components)

Consumer Retail



Portugal Cold Chain Market

By Storage and Transportation

Cold Transportation

Cold Storage

By Products

Food and Beverages


Meat and Sea Food


Chemicals and Others

Portugal 3PL Market

By Service Mix

Freight Forwarding


Portugal E-Commerce Logistics Market

By Delivery Period

Within 2 hours

Within 24 Hours

2-3 Day Delivery



Key Target Audience

Logistics Companies

Warehousing Companies

Freight Forwarding Companies

Express Logistics Companies

E-Commerce Logistics Companies

3PL Logistics Companies

E-Commerce Companies

Cold Chain Logistics Companies

Companies seeking Logistics Services

Companies seeking Warehousing Services

Companies seeking Courier and Parcel Services

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2024

Companies Covered:

DHL Portugal

Abreu Cargo



DB Schenker



DSV Portugal



LKW Walter

CEVA Logistics

Noatum Logistics

Kerry Logistics

Laso Transportes




SEKO Logistics

DHL Express Portugal

FedEx Express

UPS Express



TNT Portugal

Logista (NACEX)


Key Topics Covered in the Report

Executive Summary

Research Methodology

Introduction to Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Infrastructure

Cross Comparison of Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market with EU Countries

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Size, 2013-2018P

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Segmentation, 2013-2018P

Portugal Freight Forwarding Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Courier and Parcel Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal E-Commerce Logistics Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Third Party Logistics (3PL) Market, 2013-2024E

Portugal Cold Chain Market, 2018P and 2024E

Portugal Warehousing Market, 2013-2024E

Decision Making Process for Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Regulatory Framework in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing

SWOT Analysis of Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Trends and Developments in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Issues and Challenges in Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market

Company Profiles of Major Players Operating in Portugal Logistics & Warehousing Market

Portugal Logistics and Warehousing Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2019E-2024E

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