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According to report analysis, ‘Cloud Computing In Latin America: Telcos Portfolios And Go-To-Market Strategies’ suggests that telcos in Latin America have focused on the laaS segment to complete in the enterprise cloud computing market, supported by their existing data center infrastructure and partnerships with network vendors. Whereas, the cloud computing is an Information Technology which mostly relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economic of scale. The aim of cloud computing market in Latin America is to allow users to take the benefits with the development of all the technologies without having the deep knowledge about or expertise with each one of them. The main goal of enabling technology for cloud computing is virtualization. Moreover, with the application of maintenance of cloud computing is easier, as they do not need to be installed in each user’s computer whereas, it can be accessed from different places. The performance of cloud computing is also monitored by the IT experts from the service provider and generally coupled architectures is constructed using web services as the system interface.

The hybrid multi-cloud model will be the way forward for most enterprises in Latin America. For meeting the unique needs of the business this model is made and being remain competitive in today’s fast-moving environment. With the help of hybrid multi-cloud model the businesses can prevent data loss and can easily achieve their technological goals. In addition, some of the organization are adopting this model for data sovereignty reasons. Whereas, in the cloud computing market several key players are working with the development in technology which includes AT&T Alestra Mexico Amazon Web Services (AWS), Antel Uruguay America Movil Claro Brazil Embratel Cisco Huawei Entel Chile ETB Colombia IBM, Microsoft, Google, Telecom Argentina Telefonica Telmex Mexico Tigo Verizon Vivo Brazil and others. Whereas, with the increasing competitive landscape the market of cloud computing is mainly dominated by the Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM in the cloud computing market in Latinn America has driven telcos to expand their cloud portfolios beyond the traditional Saas, laaS, and PaaS areas.

Multi-cloud, the small and medium–sized businesses, internet of things, the financial sector are the four areas which enhance the growth opportunities in the Latin America laaS market whereas, the financial sector invest the most in the information technology and technological solutions, internet of things (ioT) demanding high computing power and data storage capacity which is possible in cloud environments. For efficient management in the businesses the adoption of cloud-managed service providers becomes the natural path. The cloud computing solutions eliminate the need to install in-house hardware and software which lead the significant growth in the cloud computing market in Latin America.

With the advanced application the high budget companies are willing to invest more in the IT solutions and cloud computing solutions which result the growth more significantly and welcome the new innovation with the more financial support from the investor. Therefore, the market of the cloud computing in Latin America is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

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