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Deep Dive: Power Distribution, a report published by Ken Research talks about the emerging trends in sector of power distribution globally. The report talks about the overall power distribution scenario, current developments and future prospects. It also contains information about the future investment plans and current operations of the utility companies from representative countries.

Electric power distribution network has been expanding globally, both in terms of length as well as capacity. In the period of 2007- 2017, significant developments were witnessed in the field of power distribution. The major contributors to this phenomenon were developed countries like USA, Russia and Japan and emerging economies like India and Brazil. However the efforts for the development in power distribution by both the categories of countries were in different context. Developing countries are focussing more on just the expansion, reaching out to the rural and remote regions and making the supply efficient, thus increasing the grid access. On the other side developed countries are moving in a direction to become service providers rather than being mere power suppliers. Thus the business models are revamping themselves. With the market already matured in these countries and high competition, utilities are now focussing on service customization for individual customers. They are trying to break into new technologies for their operational implementation as well as services. Smart meters and IoT implementation have already entered the markets in developed countries, which still remains a step in future plans of utilities in developing countries.

Developing countries are still working to increase the electricity access for consumers and strengthen the grid. With markets still in the developing phase and less competition, there is a wide scope for business and growth. Utilities in countries like India, are simultaneously putting in efforts for bringing innovation as well as technological implementation in their operations and services, while increasing their customer base. With a scope for new entrants in the market, utilities have started becoming more customer centric.

The new trends in the industry are however becoming challenging for the power distributors. The wave of digitalization is all over and every sector is expecting a disruption. These phenomena will play a pivotal role in how the utilities conduct their business operations in the near future. Another important phenomenon taking place is the renewables. Utilities will have to work towards integrating electricity produced from the renewables, in their distribution networks. On top of that, things like geopolitical dynamics, national commitment towards decarbonisation, changing political dynamics, etc. call for adopting to new regulations and frameworks resulting out of these. A good example is the global move towards electric vehicles adoption, a phenomenon as this, will increase the power demand significantly.

Power is very critical to the lifestyle and economic development of any country. Increasing use of electronics and continuous technological innovation, coupled with increasing incomes and access to markets, have and in future will demand more and more electricity. Utilities will have to adopt the occurring changes and plan to meet these demands.

The geographic regions and respective companies from these regions covered in the report are: North America (Duke Energy Corporation, FirstEnergy Corp, American Electric Power Co Inc, Hydro One Networks Inc, Hydro-Quebec, Comision Federal de Electricidad), Europe (Westnetz GmbH, Western Power Distribution Plc, Iberdrola SA, Enel SpA, Enedis), Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the South (IDGC of the South) PJSC), Asia- Pacific (Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Incorporated, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd., P.T. Perusahaan Listrik Negara, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Essential Energy ), Middle East and Africa (Tavanir, Saudi Electricity Company, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, Kenya Power and Lighting Co Ltd, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and South America (Cemig Distribuicao S.A., Empresa Distribuidora Sur S.A., Codensa S.A. ).

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