Fitness Industry poised to cross 500 Gym Establishments in Qatar by 2025- Exploring 3 growth drivers which will lead to success in the market Ken Research


More than 70% of the population in Qatar is either overweight or obese and nearly half of all men (~45%) are obese, as per a report from Ken Research

1. People under the age group of 25-40 years suffering from lifestyle diseases have been the largest subscriber base, which avail fitness services in Qatar.

Qatar fitness services market

Fitness industry participation rate in other countries

18-25 years, especially the working population invest 3-5 hours per week doing running, yoga and exercises at home to remain fit. 20-55 years population invest 5-10 hours per week doing rigorous exercises such as hiit, running, strength training and muscle building to get in shape. 55+ years population in qatar are usually inactive and invest 1-3 hours per week doing walking, yoga and meditation. The opportunity lies in the remaining 35% population who do not excersie or particpate in fitness activities.

2. Fitness Centers in Residential Compounds and Townships are fairly a new concept in Qatar- majority of the properties have no gyms or only one gym in the entire compound.

Qatar exercise training Industry

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  • Majority of the luxury apartments in Qatar provide a wide range of amenities such as Swimming Pools and Courts but having a fitness center in the compound is fairly a new concept for the real estate developers, owners or renters.
  • Middle class working population along with non-working women/homemakers prefer to practice yoga, meditation and other exercises at home or in their compounds rather than going to a fitness center outside.
  • Majority of the builders are expected to incorporate a clubhouse in the residential complexes providing free access to the fitness centers and motivating people to join

3. Demand for fitness centers in Qatar is mostly driven by Rising Obesity rates, Increased Women Participation and Increasing Corporate Tie-Ups with Fitness Centers- major growth drivers.

Qatar health care Market

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  • Qatar is among the top-ranked obese countries with a high obesity rate among its population. More than 70% of the population in Qatar is either overweight or obese and nearly half of all men (~45%) are obese.
  • The rise in number of new service offerings by fitness clubs is targeting the desired weight & inch loss and body toning & firming thereby encouraging female population to join the clubs.
  • Number of corporate houses has made tie-ups with fitness centers for providing fitness services to the employees at discounted prices. Higher demand has been observed among people for private training session and yoga session at their homes.

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