Rapid urbanization with increasing income coupled with health awareness and inclination towards high protein diet among country residents leading to increasing demands of seafood is propelling the market growth in India: Ken Research


Expansion of Fish Seed Production industry

The key driver behind the increasing demand for aquaculture feed is the increase in seed production. Under the scheme of contract farming, farmers are provided with aquafeed and fish seeds needed for the growth of aquaculture. In 2019-20, India’s fish seeds were produced at 5,21,706 lakh/year. For example, Oceanic Edibles International Ltd initiated a contract farming with a group of farmers and an Indian overseas bank for shrimp production. Oceanic supplied the farmers with feed for production. Owing to the increase in health consciousness, people are consuming residue-free food, which is building pressure on exporters to grow seafood that is good for health. This has a huge effect on the aquafeed industry as proper feed for aqua animals will help in the growth of animals without any diseases.

The Market witnessed the growth to surge in export of fish and fish products

In India, it is usually the fish traders who pick up fish at harvest and trade it off for a higher price to different markets. Despite significant consumption of fish by Indian people (12.8% of total animal protein sources), the country still falls short of fish protein availability at 5.04 kg per person per year, compared to world consumption at 20.5 kg per person in 2019. An increase in export value of India was 14,521 with 6,678 USD million in 2019-20. The most importing region from India is China, with a quantity of 3,29,479 metric ton. Export is boosted due to about 30 high-tech feed mills currently operating for fish feed production. The sector has generated significant employment opportunities for skilled and non-skilled workers. Allied businesses like feed equipment manufacturers (domestic and international firms), feed additive and raw material suppliers, and other infrastructure support for this new sector are helping, which is a major change and development for the industry.

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More Focus on R&D activities is supporting Market Growth

The increasing investments by market players and associations in the research and development of innovative products is contributing to the market’s growth. The companies are embarking mergers and collaboration with various international players and associations to diversify their product portfolio and consumer offerings with incorporation of latest technological advancement throughout their value chain of feed production according to the need of specific species requirements to enhance the quality of seafood.

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to disruption in almost each and every industry vertical. It has led to disruption of supply chains, leading to shutdown of numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide, severe air and sea traffic disruption and closure of vital air routes. With all industrial activities paused, international travel stopped and only essential business services permitted to function; these events significantly affected feed production as factories faced supply chain disruptions and labor scarcities. With the pandemic, availability of logistics for shipment of raw materials became a challenge that resulted in interruptions of supply chain. Although, overall availability of logistics is progressively improving, there are still some regions in the country where such recourses are limited currently when compared to pre-COVID period. Hence, companies are expected to expand their retailer base rapidly through various digital platforms that offer advertising and sale services.

The publication titled India Aquaculture Feed Market Outlook to 2027: Driven by surging demand of shrimps, increasing exports and shifting preference towards consuming quality seafood provides a comprehensive analysis of the aquaculture feed market by analyzing historical statistics and corresponding developments in the aqua feed industry. The report covers various aspects including aquaculture feed market size on the basis of revenue, average price of aqua feed, overview of the market, ecosystem, operating model of aquaculture industry, value chain analysis of aquaculture feed market, products and services of aquaculture feed companies in India, types of different aquaculture feed, growth trends and developments, Porter 5 Forces Analysis, government initiatives, SWOT analysis, impact of COVID-19, and risk factors governing the future outlook of industry. Insights on competitive landscape of aquaculture feed market and cross comparison between major players operating in the ecosystem is also covered in the report on the basis of operational and financial parameters such as inception year, headquarters, market revenue, production, market share, strengths, challenges, company overview, total sales, no of employees, unique selling propositions, product portfolio, business model, key features, recent developments and future opportunities.

The report also focuses on the India Aquaculture Feed Market Segmentation by Type of Feed (Shrimp Feed, Fish Feed and Others); By Type of Ingredients (Soy, Corn, Fish Oil, Fish Meal and Others); By Region (Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, Odisha, Maharashtra and Others); By End User (Commercial and Household) and By Distribution Channel (Store Based and Online). India Aquaculture Feed Market report concludes with projections for the future of the industry on the basis of revenue by 2027 and analysts’ take on the future highlighting the major opportunities.

Key Segments Covered in India Aquaculture Feed Market

By Revenue

By Average Price of Aquaculture Feed

By Type of Feed

Shrimp Feed

Fish Feed


By Type of Ingredients



Fish Oil

Fish Meal


By End User



By Distribution Channel

Store Based


By Region

Andhra Pradesh

West Bengal


Tamil Nadu & Puducherry



Other States and Union Territories

Key Target Audience

Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Companies

Companies in the Aquaculture Industry

Seafood Companies

Industry Associations

Government Bodies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: FY’17-FY’22

Forecast Period: FY’22-FY’27E

India Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Players


Avanti Feeds

Coastal Corporation


Zeal Aqua


Adinath Bio Labs Limited

Devi Aqua Feeds







IB Group

C.P. Group

Sandhya Aqua

Devi Aqua Feeds


Government Institutions and Regulators

CAA (Coastal Aquaculture Authority)

CIFNET (Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical & Engineering Training)

CICEF (Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery)

FSI (Fishery Survey of India)

MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority)

NFDB (National Fisheries Development Board)

NIFPHATT (National Institute of Fisheries Post Harvest Technology and Training)

Government Departments

MOFHAD (Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying)

DOF (Department of Fisheries of Respective States & Union Territories)

Key Topics Covered in the Report

Overview of Aquaculture Feed Market in India

Technological Adaptation in Aquaculture Feed Market in India

Per Capita Income (INR) in India

Ecosystem of Major Entities in Aquaculture Feed Market in India

Operating Model of Aquaculture Industry in India

Value Chain Analysis of Aquaculture Feed Market in India

Products and Services of Aquaculture Feed Companies in India

Types of Different Aquaculture Feed

Market Size of India Aquaculture Feed Market (Basis Revenue in INR Crore)

Average Price of Aquaculture Feed (INR)

India Aquaculture Feed Market Segmentation (By Type of Feed, By Type of Ingredients, By End User, By Distribution Channel and By Region)

Trends and Developments in India Aquaculture Feed Market

Issues and Challenges in India Aquaculture Feed Market

Government Initiatives in India Aquaculture Feed Market

Porter 5 Forces Analysis of India Aquaculture Feed Market

SWOT Analysis of India Aquaculture Feed Market

Impact of COVID-19 on India Aquaculture Feed Market

Cross Comparison of Major Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Companies (on the basis of Inception, Headquarters, Market Revenue, Production and Market Share)

Strengths and Challenges of Major Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Companies

Company Profiles of Major Aquaculture Feed Manufacturing Players (Company Overview, Total Sales, No of Employees, Unique Selling Propositions, Product Portfolio, Business Model, Key Features, Recent Developments and Future Opportunities)

Future Market Size of India Aquaculture Feed Market (Basis Revenue in INR Crore)

Future Projections of Average Price of Aquaculture Feed (INR)

India Aquaculture Feed Future Market Segmentation (By Type of Feed, By Type of Ingredients, By End User, By Distribution Channel and By Region)

Analyst Recommendations

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India Aquaculture Feed Market Future Outlook

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