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Respiratory Tract Infections Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2018, a clinical trial report by GlobalData gives an overview of clinical trials scenario for respiratory tract infections. It contains information regarding trial numbers, average enrolment in top countries, region-wise and country-wise (G7 & E7) trials coverage, trial phase, status and prominent drugs for in progress trials. It also contains details of unaccomplished trials and trial enrolment trend seen in last five years. Thus, giving a better understanding to the stakeholders regarding trial progresses, market opportunities and market growth.

Respiratory tract infections are infectious diseases caused in the respiratory tract. It is one of the most prevalent and most variable infections occurring. These infections are generally classified as Upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract infections. Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) are less severe. Rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, common cold, etc. are examples of these infection. Lower respiratory infections are more serious conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis. Respiratory tract infections are reason for more than half of the total registered antibiotic prescriptions.

The fact that respiratory tract infections occur so commonly -especially the upper respiratory tract infection, that it has created a problem for the effective treatment of the same. In many cases antibiotics are prescribed even if the symptoms are mild. Many patients take antibiotics that are self-administered. This significantly increases the drug resistance of the microorganism causing the infection. Also, experts believe that while most of the respiratory tract infections are cured through antimicrobial drugs; there are a few infections that are caused by respiratory virus instead of bacteria and in such cases antibiotics are not to be prescribed. If such cases not examined properly, can lead to antibiotic abuse. Respiratory tract infections as a whole, contains a huge portfolio of clinical diseases. There are many factors responsible for the variation in medical cases. These are: patient demographics, epidemiology, local surrounding factors, and access as well as amount of exposure to antimicrobial therapy. Hence, there is a worldwide need for new and effective treatments of such infections.

The global clinical trials market is on rise and with increasing global demand for effective drugs and therapies, the growth is anticipated to continue for the next decade. The main drivers of this potential growth will be technological advancements, globalization, diversity in medical profiles, population, economic developments and favourable business regulations and policies. Apart from this there is increase in the funding and investments from private entities. A market shift might be the future, as companies are focusing on the emerging countries for their potential markets and business expansions. Also, the new- generation technologies are now helping the small and mid- size firms and research institutes to have access to technology, data and research platforms, that were earlier available to only the big players.

Companies involved in the clinical trials for respiratory tract infections and covered in the report are: GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Novartis AG, Pfizer Inc, Sanofi, Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc, Venus Remedies  Ltd, Abbott Laboratories, NPF Materia Medica Holding, Syneos Health Inc, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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