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The Importance of Decision-Making process includes classifying a goal, getting the relevant and necessary information, and weighing the substitutes in order to take a right decision. The concept is simple, as many people oversee some of the critical stages and the threats that occur while taking the decisions. Wherever possible, it’s important to make the best decisions under the different situations. Decision-making process occurs at every level of a business, proceeding in bottom to top fashion in an organization from the mundane decisions made every day by low-level employees to far-reaching the executive decisions that may require years of deliberation, skills and knowledge. Such decision-making can be divided along the dimension of programmed versus non-programmed by using a step-by-step decision-making process that can assist in making more deliberate, thoughtful decisions by organizing appropriate information and well defined alternatives. These approaches increase the chances of choosing the most satisfying alternative for the organization.

A decision matrix helps in evaluate all the options of Key to Success Right Decisions by taking an appropriate decision. When using the matrix a table with all the alternatives in the first column and all factors that affect the decision in the first row. Scoring each option & weighing each factor is considered to most importance.  Moreover, a final score is then tallied to disclose which option is the best. A formal decision-making process can also prevent companies from being directed by fallacy – often the result of gut decisions or a lack of planning. In the field of interactive or behavioral decision theory, which examines the separation of objectively rational decision-making and intuitive decision-making, these fallacies fall into the latter category?

Decision making encompasses two or more alternatives because if there is only one alternative, there is no decision to be made. A decision is a course of action or inaction designated to meet the requirements of a solution (i.e., problem). Decision may also be considered as a conclusion that a manager has reached so as to know what he (or others) should do in future (or later on). Business decisions must be made preliminary at the ground level, like knowing if business idea is virtuous enough and choosing the right business name, all the way through the lifespan of business. Having board members or a decision group on team can help with the process, but if a solo-preneur, makes it tough choices for the businesses? This is a general recommendation to follow for making informed decisions; there are other strategies & variations that can incorporate as well. It is also a good idea to pursue the advice of relevant experts, trusted colleagues and other business owners. They can help by obtaining an objective opinion that is clear of own biases and judgments, and they can play devil’s advocate to help in seeing the pros and cons of each scenario. The future must be seen at least in generalization, if the decision is to be properly oriented in terms of goals. Decision making is an intellectual activity, as it calls for both judgment and imagination to select one from among options.

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