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According to the report analysis, ‘Europe Bubble Wrap Packaging Industry Situation And Prospects Research Report’ suggests that some of the major companies which are functioning in this sector with more improved strategies of production includes Automated Packaging System, Pregis, Cortec Corporation, Polycell International, Salazar Packaging, AP Packaging, AP Packaging, Dana Poly, Sancell, ACH Foam Technologies LLC, Alpek SAB de CV, American Excelsior Company, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, BASF SE, Bayer AG, Buckeye Corrugated, Inc., Carauster Industries, Inc., Carpenter Co., Cascades, Cellofom Nort America Inc, Cold Chain Technology, and others. Bubble wrap packaging market offers productive packaging to the products at very reasonable cost which constitute a hard competition among the key player of this industry.

In the modern era various packaging options are currently available in the market but the bubble wrap packaging is the most efficient one. Bubble wrap is basically utilized for packaging mostly for transportation of goods which are fragile in nature. It is a malleable transparent plastic material. Bubble wrap packaging is majorly a form of protective which is compose of a two-layer polythene film. Film is being entrapped with air inside to form a bubble. Therefore, bubble wrap is a plastic packaging material in which two layer sheets contain numerous small air cushions, which are designed in order to protect delicate goods. It facilitates production of fragile goods and easy storage. In addition, the classification of bubble wrap packaging is split in the market basis on the demand from different sectors of market such as polyethylene, kraft paper, aluminum foil, and others. Not only has this, the applications are also divided in the market which includes automotive, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, electronics and others. With the wide usage and numerous applications of the bubble wrap packaging the demand and market growth will grow in the coming years rapidly.

Bubble wrap packaging is the most outstanding and eye-catching packaging material among all the several packaging options available. The demand is increasing for consumer goods within e-commerce sector is the major consumer of bubble wrap packaging with growing desirability.

In the recent years, key vendors in the market are making huge investment in upgrading the technology and in research & development activities for improving environment friendly and sustainable packaging solutions. Increasing concerns about impact of plastics on the environment has further led towards development of eco-friendly flexible protective packaging, such as biodegradable bubble wraps for packaging. Likely, it is a key bias being followed in the bubble wrap packaging market over the recent years. The E-Commerce sector booming the demand for bubble wraps packaging in the current scenario. Shipping & logistics, personal care and cosmetics and end-use sectors will further increase the sale and demand for the bubble wrap packaging in the coming years. With the increase in the demand the market of the bubble wrap packaging has been spread across the Europe in various regions such as Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. European countries have formed many advance strategies and policies regarding recyclable packaging and are encouraging end-users to prefer degradable materials for packaging. Hence, with the more improvement and research & development activities by the producers in the production it will result as a growth in the market of the bubble wrap packaging. However, increase in the demand from the other respective industries which produce products related to bubble wrap packaging will further help the market to achieve the growth. Therefore, the future of this industry is bright in the coming years.
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