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Chlorine is essentially used in many products that includes to public health and safety, nutrition, advanced technology, transportation and security. Not only has this, computers, cell phones, water and medicines also contain much percentage of chlorine. Chlorine has a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17 and second-lightest of the halogens. It is a yellow-green gas at room temperature. It is usually available in uncombined form but tends to bond with other elements. Moreover, on the basis of demand in the market classified into Organic Chlorine, Inorganic Chlorine. Whereas, the applications are also splits in the market with numerous uses which includes sanitation, plastics, chemical synthesis, pharmaceuticals and others. With the wide usage and application of chlorine the market of the chlorine is growing rapidly in the current scenario.

Due to significant increase in the market of chlorine, many players have also entered in this market with proper and advance usage of chlorine. According to the report analysis, ‘EUROPE CHLORINE INDUSTRY SITUATION AND PROSPECTS RESEARCH REPORT’ suggests that some of the major key players which are currently functioning in this market in the more effective manner for increasing the demand and usage of the product includes Linde Group, Air Liquide, Praxair, Air Products and Chemicals, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Messer and others. Not only has this, the report also consists various other information about the chlorine, key players, major consumer, manufactures and other important aspects. In both consumption and production, chlorine is flourishing. Variety of chlorine also effects the market growth such as liquid chlorine is majorly responsible for its high demand, whereas liquid chlorine is used for bleaching in water treatment and paper and pulp industry.

The market of chlorine is still at its nascent stage but with the wide usage and applications of the market of chlorine have significant opportunities in upcoming years to grow even more. The demand for chlorine is also increasing from the pharmaceutical sector majorly due to chlorine can help in the curing process in certain diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes and other diseases. Hence, with the increase in the population the use of chlorine in medicines has been estimated to create promising growth opportunities during the forecast period. Moreover, the study reports suggest that, Europe market is expected to grow in forecast period due to development in the trends of the market and advancement in the technology. The strategies and policies of the producers are also playing the crucial role in the market for gradual increase in the market growth. Geographically, with the increase in the demand the market is spread across the Europe region which majorly includes Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. Moreover, significant usage of electronics has also led the growth of the chlorine industry in the developed countries as well as developing countries. As the need is increasing with the use of chlorine into various industries and products makes the market effective enough to grow globally. With the extensive of chlorine usage in pharmaceuticals and medicines the market of this industry is expected that more investments will cater in this field. Therefore, the future of the market of chlorine is expected to be bright in the near future.

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