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Education industry is growing across the globe and has undergone with technological revolution. Many innovations had done in this industry and make the market more profitable. Therefore, the market of education is growing rapidly with the more development in the technology and innovations in the existing technology. Education is very much important for everyone as it keep us aware about everything that is happing around us. Technology is changing the way we teach and learn at a rapid speed. So many of the companies are working in this market, effectively.  Moreover, in American classrooms, Google Chrome-based operating systems are sustaining and areas with the highest numbers of sales outside of the U.S. are Southeast Asia and Europe. According to the report analysis, ‘Education Market Research Reportsuggests that the google in the classroom courses are in high demand and transform the education sector with the more innovation in this technology.

One of the great feature of having tablets, laptops, and desktops in the classroom is the availability of Google Chromebooks. Students are familiarize to all the Chromebook that grant towards enhancing the knowledge, learning skills and entertain students as well. Moreover, across Canada, school districts are using Chromebooks to expand learning opportunities for students from diverse communities and backgrounds. Chromebooks help students learn more effectively by giving them access to a world of educational content. This technology of Chromebooks are genetically networked, so that students can find their own way to learn specific concepts online. If we talk about the security, a Chromebook is much easier to deal with than a Windows Laptop. There is nothing for a virus to attach to, since you can’t download executable files. Moreover, if a site crashes, only that tab will be affected and the other open tabs will continue to run smoothly. Despite all this, the rising popularity of tablets, Google’s Chromebook may snatch the competition in the lower grade school classrooms as they are less expensive, easy to control settings and restrictions, one-button-push easy setup and others. Therefore, The Education Industry Research and Market Reports suggests that the usage of Chromebooks are widely done due to its reasonable costs and make the market more profitable.

Google Chromebooks are widely used in the developed countries and developing countries are also doing more innovation in the technology. In U.S. the education market if highly proclaimed with the Google Chromebook and Europe is also dominate the market of education. If we talk about the competition, Microsoft is showing the competitive landscape and make more innovations while winding up with other companies of technology and projected more projects related to education. In the recent years, Chromebooks made up 60% of computers purchased by schools in the USA.

Google will blend up with the other IT companies and other smart phone or technological companies such as Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, and others. More development in the technology Chromebase product will be launched which is integrated a screen, microphone, webcam and other specifications. Not only has this, the development in technology of Chromebook related to education sector help the students to knowing their potential, capability and other through the applications of learning apps the subjects are taught through games. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming years the industry of education will grow significantly with more development in the applications of Chromebook.

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