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Pipe and valve Market: The pipe and valve market are developing and rising more significantly with the increase in urbanization and industrialization. With the growing industrialization in the developing countries will lead to positive growth in the pipe and valve market. Moreover, the urbanization is also fueling the growth to this industry in an efficient manner. According to the report analysis, ‘Pipe and Valve Market Outlook’ states that the PVC is one of the most valuable product in terms of revenue generated of the chemical industry and the PVC is commonly used as the insulation of electric wires. Moreover, as a building material, PVC is reasonable and easy to assemble the product. Geographically, most probably more than 50% of the PVC is majorly used in construction sector across the globe. Whereas, the PVC is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer. Moreover, the significant increase in the disposable income and development in the technology of product making will increase the usage of PVC pipe in the building and will further lead to the market growth of the pipe and valve.

The usage of PVC is rising significantly as it produced by the synthetic plastic polymer after polypropylene and polyethylene. Moreover, in the recent trend, the government of respective region is also showing so many efforts on the rural water management which increase the demand of the PVC pipe as these pipes are proved to be effective in irrigation, water service line, drain-waste-vent and several other industrial installations. According to the report analysis, ‘Pipe and Valves Industry Overview’ states that various applications of the PVC pipes, the need of the PVC is going to enlarge very significantly which has to lead the market growth of the pipe and valves. Moreover, increase in the demand of plastic or PVC pipes is due to significant use of it in the irrigation sector whereas, the India and China are the major region of this market which drives the growth in the Asia Pacific region. Co-efficiently, the construction, and building sector are also growing in the recent trend with the increase in the urbanization and the disposable income which fueling the market more evenly in the near future and make the market more competitive. Not only has this, but the government of the developing regions is also doing investment with the concern of the clean water supply which enables the growth opportunities and predicts to provide more effective supply chain of water in the near future. Furthermore, in a research, it is observed that agriculture sector and wastewater application of the PVC pipe are the major contributors in the growth of the PVC pipe in the pipe and valve industry in the recent years across the globe.

In the Asia Pacific region, the usage of PVC pipe is done in the irrigation and agriculture sector which lead the market growth of the PVC pipe in the pipe and valve market and Europe is also doing so many developments in the technology of manufacturing the PVC pipes which significantly increase the market growth of the pipe and valve market directly across the globe. Not only has this, with the increase in the urbanization, North America is also dominating the market with a handsome amount of share in the PVC market.

KWH, Imperial PlasTech, IPEX, Finolex Industries Ltd., Premier Tech Aqua, WILO SE. Astral pipes and other are the major leading players across the globe whereas, the KWH is the company of Canada which is dominating the highest share in the market of PVC pipes. Moreover, the key players of UK are also playing the major role in this market such as Baltimore Aircoil Company, EndressHauer, Wavin NV. Moreover, with the existence of numerous companies, the market has become more competitive and effective. Therefore, in the coming years, the market of pipe and valve will grow significantly over the decades with the further development in the PVC pipes in the industrial processing, irrigation, and agriculture sector.

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