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According to the study, ‘Beating Heart Surgery Systems – Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2018’, the companies that are in the business of manufacturing beating heart surgery medical equipments are Apaxis Medical Inc, Children’s Hospital Boston, Corazon Technologies, Inc., Harpoon Medical, Inc., HeartLander Surgical, Inc., Nido Surgical LLC. The prime products manufactured by these companies include Apaxis Medical Inc, ApiCor; Apaxis Medical Inc, EasyApex CV; Children’s Hospital Boston, Heart Patch Deployment System; Children’s Hospital Boston, Millimeter-Scale Device; Corazon Technologies, Inc., Beating Heart Aortic Valve Repair Demineralization System; Harpoon Medical, Inc., Harpoon TSD-5; HeartLander Surgical, Inc., HeartLander; Nido Surgical LLC, Cardioport.

In the today’s era of ageing population, changing lifestyle, and medical innovations have drastically changed the number and group of people that have to undergo cardiac surgeries. The current group of patients is much older and is in a later stage of their disease which often translates into complex surgeries requiring hours of endless procedures. Not only this, but the ageing patients usually suffer from other diseases like diabetes, renal failure, previous strokes, which makes the matter worse. Due to these complex surgical requirements surgeons are faced with new challenges each time in the operation theatre. The primary objective in any cardiac surgery is to ensure adequate patients grafts while simultaneously ensuring least myocardial damage. Research conducted by scientists aimed at identifying various adverse affects of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) has gained much attention in the recent time. Considerable resources are being redirected to ensure the safety of CPB and develop new strategies that ensure myocardial preservation. One trend that surfaced was direct myocardial revascularization without CPB that is referred to as beating heart surgery. There were many risks involved with the use of CPB. Beating heart surgeries tends to skip these risks and allows patients to undergo surgeries that otherwise might not have been able to.

There are various beating heart surgeries. These primarily include off pump coronary artery bypass, minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass and minimally invasive surgery. These surgeries require numerous equipments to ensure a successful procedure. CPB and perfusion machines are kept on stand-by mode in case they are required any time during the operation. Other equipment includes endoscopy cart, CO2 tank, and pressure bag of sodium chloride that is used for the blow/mister. Multifunction electrode pads are essential in case perfusion machines are needed anytime during the entire procedure. The monitoring procedure includes electrocardiographic monitoring (ECG), transesophageal echocardiography that is used to detect wall motion abnormality and optimize preload.

The key drivers for beating heart surgery include increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures, improving per capita income, rising number of heart attacks and strokes due to ageing population, unhealthy stressful lifestyle of consumers, obesity oriented issues and technological advancements. The end user segmentation includes public, private hospital and clinics and other facilities (defense hospitals, medical colleges). Depending on geographic locations, beating heart surgery equipments market is segmented into seven key regions. These are North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, and Middle East & Africa. The global beating heart surgery equipments market is expected to show strong CAGR growth in the coming decade with expectations that the growth in Asia Pacific region would be the highest.

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