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According to report analysis, ‘Challenges In Immuno-Oncology (I-O): Future Use, Trial Design And Combination Strategies’ suggests that immune-oncology is the treatment of cancer with immunotherapy, by using therapies to stimulate or suppress the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy has been employed as an approach for treating cancer for over 100 years. This approach provided undeniable evidence that the immune system could be exploited to fight cancer. Therefore, the scope of immunotherapy is growing significantly. With research and development it is considered that immuno-oncology is utilized across several types of cancers. In addition, with the development in the technology possibly lead to additional I-O treatment options for different cancer types. Moreover with the more development the immuno-oncology are also Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved to treat those patients whose prior treatments were ineffective, and clinical trials are ongoing to test the features of I-O treatment.

Unlike chemotherapy, immuno-oncology works with immune system itself which directly kills all rapidly dividing cells, including cancer or radiations. Moreover, immunotherapy has the capacity to give lasting protection against the cancer after treatment or lowering the risk of recurrence. Additionally, the side effects of immuno-oncology are different from the side effects of chemotherapy whereas if any of the side effects are severe, treatment may need to be for some time or permanently discontinued. But it is very much important that patients have to inform immediately to their doctors. Furthermore, more development in the medical science and upgradation in the technology results the significant growth globally in the immuno-oncology market. The key players are forming more effective strategies for the expansion of business by understanding the market trends and drive the global immuno-oncology market.

All the immuno-oncology therapies are different and including various steps in the anti-tumor immune response including activation, elimination and suppression. Not only has this, the classes of immuno-oncology is also different with different mechanism of action which includes cell therapy, vaccines, checkpoint blockade and others. In addition, as the development in science is moving so quickly the sector of immuno-oncology is moving rapidly and the (I-O) treatments are being approved in different types of cancer more and more frequently. Immuno-oncology therapy might also be provided by clinical trials whereas some trials permit to receive Immuno-oncology therapy while simultaneously receiving a standard care of treatment. Additionally, for the treatment of cancer can be done with other therapies also which includes vaccines therapy, molecularly targeted therapies, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and others. But it is expected that the effectiveness of immuno-oncology therapy dominate the significant share in the market.   Therefore, the market of immuno-oncology is expected to grow globally even more in the coming years over the decades with the advancement in the technology and development in the economy.

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