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Security robots are devices with moving capabilities as robots can collect data and store them for security. These robots contain array sensors for detecting intruder sensors of variety type such as cameras, infrared devices, thermal sensors and radars.

The variety of security robots with similar functionalities can be grouped together such as tele-operated robots, surveillance robots, distributed robots and law-enforcement robots. A tele-operated robot is controlled by human operator from a remote location by a communication link. Surveillance robots are designed to develop a video monitoring, capturing the image and to store video frames in secure digital memory mounted on the robot for further verification. Distributed robot includes different categories of network & multiagent robots and depends on team members or on a global network in order to take decisions.

According to study, “Global Security Robots Market Research Report – Forecast to 2027” some of the companies that are working in the security robot market are Elbit Systems Ltd., Lockheed Martin Corporation, QinetiQ, AeroVironment, Inc., L3 Technologies, Inc., Leonardo S.p.A, Northrop Grumman Corp., Knight scope, DJI, and Recon Robotics, Inc., Northrop Grumman Corporation , Lockheed Martin Corporation, AeroVironment, Inc., Elbit Systems Ltd., Fetch robotics, irobot, TGW, Motorika, Liquid robotics, Macron dynamics and blue prism.

There are many applications of security robots, such as tele-presence & tele-operated patrol, landmine detection, bomb disposal, nuclear weapon detection, jumping guard robot deployment, identification of violated network nodes, convertible multi-robots for security & hostage retrieval, multi-robot surveillance for intruder detection and autonomous navigation in urban environments.

Security robots have some advantages such as unaffected from weather, deterrents, force multiplier, identical, incorruptible, constantly improving, cost-effective, vision and non-lethal weaponry. Security robots also face some challenges as limited capabilities, need of human and stealing human jobs. The major technologies used in security robots, are Bluetooth technology and infrared technology. Bluetooth technology is used to connect robotic side and personal computer in remote station. Infrared technology helps in detecting a difference between two colors.

Global security robots market is segmented application, type, component, environment and industry vertical. On the basis of application, market is segmented into explosive detection, patrolling & surveillance, demining, firefighting, spying and rescuing operations. On the basis of type, market is segmented into humanoids, autonomous underwater vehicles, conventional unmanned ground vehicles, armed unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely operated underwater vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles. On the basis of component, market is segmented into software, hardware, and services, in which sensors, frames, power & controller systems, positioning systems, camera etc are included. On the basis of environment, market is segmented into indoor and outdoor. In addition, on the basis of industry vertical, market is segmented into defense & aerospace, oil & gas, entertainment & leisure venues and manufacturing.

The global security robots market is estimated to grow at 7.93% CAGR during the forecast period, 2018-2027. Global security market is primarily driven factors such as human intervention, rising geopolitical instabilities, rising adoption of unmanned system solutions by defense sector, increasing terrorist conflicts and advancements in robotics technology. North America is the major market for security robots generating the highest market revenue due to the advantages such as reliability and quality. The advanced technology and modern weapons for foreign contingency operations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria is driving continuous growth market.

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