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Iraq Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Market – The telecommunication sector is the richest area of economy and it is very rare to aim at but it is directly very much important for the economy’s continued advancement. The introduction of mobile phone services in 2004 had a positive impact on the telecommunication area after the war in Iraq as war had damaged Iraq’s telecommunication outlook in a significant manner. According to the report analysis, ‘Iraq-Telecoms, Mobile And Broadband-Statistics And Analysis’ states that Zain Iraq, Asiacell and Korek Telecom are the three mobile network operators which hold national licenses and is now one of the fastest rising emerging markets across the globe. Increase in the usage of mobile phone, smartphone penetration, huge consumption of internet and broadband connections has given wide wings to this industry. Therefore, it becomes more vital for telecom industries to look for technology expansion and investment opportunities. Moreover, the most popular mobile plans are pre-paid and make the telecommunication market of Iraq more profitable and effective with the more expansion in the telecom services and development in the technology.

In Iraq, fourth mobile license to be auctioned in Iraq plans to bargain a fourth mobile license and have again been exploded with the Iraqi cabinet broadcasting in the middle of 2018 that a community has been nominated to maintain the tender procedure along with helping from an auditing firm. Meanwhile, efforts in the past to auction has been made but the fourth license was not favorable whereas, it is desired that for the last time around the licensing process will be accomplished and promote competition in the mobile market will be generated. Moreover, the mobile operation, Zain Iraq has called for the economy’s regulator, the Media Commission, and Communications, to pervade or invest more in the segment. Furthermore, this mobile operator is forecasting to the availability of LTE and 3G spectrum to enlarging its services to the people of Iraq majorly.

The telecommunications sector in Iraq has battered with overall political unrest and generated significant challenge surroundings for the telecom operators in the recent years. Whereas, Iraq serves mobility for telecoms framework advancement with many under-served sectors admiring better rebuilding or advanced coverage. Moreover, there will also be significant openings in advancing both 4G and 3G deployment, with the prior gestures that mobile data earnings are already increasing in an effective manner on the back of presenting 3G networks. Furthermore, in the present year, there are gestures of strengthening with the fitting of thousands of new fiber-optic cables and restoration of some of the impaired mobile networks ongoing and extension in mobile broadband subscribers noticeable.

Iraqi Telephone and Postal Company (ITPC), Newroz Telecom, Asiacell, Zain Iraq, Korek Telecom, Regional Telecom, Communication and Media Commision (CMC), ScopeSky Communications are the major companies which are mentioned in the report and the Mobile broadband services took an essential step towards with a significant growth in mobile broadband subscriptions. In addition, the operators have overlooked numerous security concerns for both equipment and infrastructure, personnel due to the registered authorities. Whereas the operators are doing an effective job for enlarging the connections with the mobile phone penetration and in the coming years it is expected that with the more developed in the LTE connections the telecommunication services in Iraq will grow more significantly over the decades.

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