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The Singapore hospitals market augmented at a declining rate throughout 2012-2017. Macro trends confidently affecting the hospital market involve the ageing populace, the proficient growth in chronic disease prevalence, intensifying healthcare requirements and increasing complexity of care requirements. The growth slowdown was majorly owing to slowdown in the medical tourism. Backed by greater requirement, foremost hospitals have contributed in expansion strategies. For instance, the IHH Healthcare observed positive growth in revenue owing to ramp up of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital as the hospital added 30 beds. The market observed greater inpatient admissions, advancement in average revenue per inpatient admission owing to higher complexity of the medical situations.

Singapore Market Industry Research Reports of Ken Research states that the Singapore real estate industry was witnessed to attain maturity majorly owing to the country serves as a worldwide business hub, tourism center and proficient residential housing requirement in the country. The region started with selling land parcels for commercial improvement and itself became the greatest housing developer. Shortage of space and high demand has enabled Singapore to progress into a modern real estate infrastructure pioneer with mixed improvements, environment friendly constructions and architectural marvels at the core of the real estate. Being a worldwide business hub, Singapore’s commercial real estate spaces sees foremost foreign investments and obtain the significant revenues from the existence of international players in the market. The proficient growth in the tourism enabled revenue surge for retail as well as hotel real estate. Increasing population and tourist influx into the region has enabled Singapore to become one of the most luxurious real estate markets around the world with majority of populace living in Government’s HDB possessions.

Singapore Market Research Reports of Ken Research states that the Singapore Online Advertising Market is at the growth stage observing the intense competition amongst advertising agencies. Speedy increase in the utilization of social media, robust digital infrastructure and great Smartphone penetration has influenced momentum to advertising spent. Amount of internet users has augmented considerably throughout the review duration. The entertainment industry revenue around Singapore has augmented at a CAGR of 3.5% throughout 2013-2018. Addition of fresh platforms and services such as WhatsApp advertising, Skype advertising, link building, mobile app development and several others have congratulated the target audience in terms of obtain ability of wide range of services. The Online advertising spent is projected to observe sound growth at a CAGR of around 18.6% throughout the revenue duration of 2013-2018.

In addition, the international outbound remittance market is projected to showcase a CAGR close to 5% and the international inbound remittance market is predicted to showcase a CAGR close to -2% by value of transactions throughout 2018-2023. In terms of volume of transactions the international inbound remittance market is probable to stay more or lower stagnant and the international outbound remittance market is projected to showcase a CAGR close to 4% throughout the same duration. The Singapore Market Future Outlook will be maintained by the improvements in Fintech and digital payments, with more utilization of mobile wallets and mobile applications. Growing mobile phone penetration, augment in possession of smart-phones rate and augmented access and utilization of internet services would influence the growth.

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