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The social research is an effective approach utilized by social researchers to learn related to the people and societies so that they can form products or services that obtain several the requirement of the individual. The dissimilar socio-economic groups belonging to the dissimilar portions of a region think inversely. Several factors of the individual behavior demand to be addressed to define their thoughts and feedback related to the social world, which can be done utilizing social research.

Ken Research significantly concentrates in Nationwide and great scale surveys for the non-profit, non-government association, domestic government and central government across India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia via telephone assessment approaches or statistically difficult face-to-face or door to door sample inspection approach or hybrid technique (mix of any).

Social Market Research Companies

Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy effectiveness measurement, IEC research, and designing are undertaken by the Ken Research under the Social Research Campaigns Ken Research preserves a prevalent nationwide arena proxy that are trained, briefed and supervised by the domestic administrators and partners via software and agent dashboard. This positively enables for superior or more multifaceted examinations to be cost-effective and fast, nonetheless of whether they are done utilizing CAPI or paper-based methods (PAPI).

In addition, Ken Research’s Social Research comprises elements of both these approaches to examine the variety of social manifestations such as an investigation of historical sites, census of the economy, comprehensive analysis of research accompanied to understand motives for augmented reports of molestation in the economy and several others. Not only has this, our social research has an orientation to an examination aimed at the social phenomena progressions and organization which positively focuses to determine the fresh facts connected to the social reality or authenticate old ones, to analyze their arrangement, interrelationships, contributory connections, and laws prevailing them by means of reasonable and systematized approaches.

It is crystal clear that social research does not focus at discovery the decisive truths. Rather, it focuses to comprehend and illuminate the behavior of individual, the social world he lives in, the interactions he manages, the inspirations which are exercised on him and the properties these have upon him and successively, upon social organizations of which he is a share and through which his behavior is intermediated.

The team of personnel of Ken Research engages a variety of approaches in command to analyze a massive breadth of social singularities: from the census investigation data consequential from the millions of individuals, to the in-depth investigation of an individual agent’s social observations; from observing what is happening on contemporary boulevards to the examination of ancient historical pamphlets. Approaches entrenched in classical sociology and statistics have designed the basis for the research in several other corrections, such as political science, media studies, program evaluation, and market research.

Furthermore, we have a robust team of specialists that are well competent with the understanding the societal situations and deliver the assistance for the Statistical and econometric Analysis of Data. Not only has this, the Ken Research has been significantly functioning with the prominent social personnel, social scientists, researchers, health and advancement economists who assist in introducing a high-quality indication on the developmental efficiency to develop the lives of underprivileged people across the globe.

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