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Social research is an effective approach utilized by the social scientists and researchers to know more about the individuals and societies so that they can design products or services that cater to several requirement of the individuals. Unalike socio-economic groups belonging to unlike parts of a county think inversely.  Several aspects of human behaviour necessity to be addressed to understand their thoughts and feedback about the social world, which can be done utilizing the Social Research. Any topic can activate Social Research – New Feature, New Market trend or an advancement in old technology.

Ken Research focusses in Nationwide and large-scale surveys for the non-profit, non-government organization, local government and central government around India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia via telephone survey practices or statistically rigorous face-to-face or door to door sample survey technique or hybrid method (mix of any). Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy effectiveness measurement, IEC research and designing are assumed by Ken Research under Social Research.

Campaigns Ken Research maintains a wide-ranging nationwide field agents that are trained, briefed and supervised by local supervisors and partners via software and agent dashboard. This enables for larger or more complex surveys to be the cost-effective and fast, nevertheless of whether they are done optimizing the CAPI or paper-based methods (PAPI).

Although dissimilar approaches are utilized in the social research, the common objective of the social research is one that similar i.e. furthering our understanding of society and thus all share certain basic steps such as:

STEP 1: Procurement of directory of target respondents as per the incidence rate.

STEP 2: Questionnaire designing/hosting on the digital podium with the pilot testing with the few samples.

STEP 3: Appending the questionnaire as per pilot test to seek the reliable predictions made of universe behaviour.

STEP 4: Exposure to any geographical area or catchment area/cluster down to block level.

STEP 5: Face-to-face/Selected mode of interviewing with the respondents at their premise or common cluster/market location.

STEP 6: Complete quality assurance comprising minimum 10% auditing of interviewer’s work.

Moreover, at Ken Research, we believe that the social research is a scientific approach of adding to the knowledge concern to society and social phenomena. Knowledge to be meaningful should have a definite determination and direction. The growth of knowledge is closely connected to the approaches utilized in the research investigation.

We as a proficient Social Research Agency around India is aimed on tangible insights, observing the practical and learning. We actively design, construe bespoke and deliver, mixed-approach, innovative research to create the sense of complex situations.

We have a solid team of experts that are well proficient with understanding the societal issues and deliver support for Statistical and econometric Analysis of Data. Ken Research has been functioning with renowned social workers, social scientists, researchers, health and development economists who support in introducing the high-quality evidence on developmental effectiveness to advance the lives of deprived individuals globally.

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