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South Korea Seed market size, market segmentations by open pollinated and hybrid seeds, by crop type (rice, barley, sorghum, maize, potato, raddish, cabbage, onion, pepper, other vegetables, fruits & flower seeds), by market source (domestic production and imports) and by market structure (organized and unorganized market) and. The report also covers market in different aspects such as trends and developments, issues and challenges, SWOT analysis, trade scenario, regulatory scenario, market share of major seed producers, company profiles of major seed producers (Syngenta, Monsanto, Rijk Zwaan, Sakata, Takii Seeds, FarmHannong Seeds, FST Vegetable Seed Company and Asia Seeds) in seed market. The report provides detailed overview on future outlook & projections with analyst recommendations for the industry.

2017 | South Korea News

  • Seed market in South Korea has been supported by development of R&D infrastructure, investments made by the government and rising popularity of organic and sustainable farming methods.
  • The Golden Seed Project initiated by the government and liberalization of the seed industry will lead the growth of the South Korean seed market in upcoming years.

South Korea Seed Market Research Report

South Korea seed market is expected to show substantial growth over the next five years on account of the Golden Seed Project initiated by the government. The project aims to bring South Korea onto the map of global leaders in the seed industry. Under the project the government plant to invest over USD 722 million. Due to rapid industrial development in the country there hasn’t been enough focus of the government on the agricultural sector in the past. However, the government in recent years has adopted policies focusing on development and liberalization of the agricultural sector. The decreasing trend of total production and the total cultivated area of all the major crops in the country is expected to gradually stabilize in the next few years. Owing to these factors the overall seed market in South Korea is expected to augment in the long run.

Farmers in the country are aware with the benefits of practicing sustainable agriculture practices and organic farming. The government has encouraged such practices by providing farmers with direct payment benefit for the additional costs or farm income loss as a result of practicing sustainable agriculture. Development of various hybrid varieties of flowers has resulted in the growth of indigenous flower breeders. The demand for these breeds is increasing in other countries. Although, the cultivated area of rice has decreased in the past few years, the yield per hectare has increased. South Korea in future will require rice seeds with higher yield per hectare of land. The demand for better varieties for different vegetables seeds is also likely to increase on the same grounds.   The government’s focus on overall development and R&D is gradually providing indigenous companies the resources and platform to grow and compete with the global players in international market. The growth of the indigenous players will bring the country’s seed industry at power with the market of other neighboring countries like China and Japan. All these factors combined are expected to positively affect the growth of the seed market in the country.

Ken Research in its latest study, South Korea Seed Market by Technology Type (Open Pollinated and Hybrid Seeds) by Crop Type (Rice, Barley, Sorghum, Maize, Potato, Raddish, Cabbage, Onion, Pepper, Other Vegetables, Fruits & Flower Seeds) – Outlook to 2022, suggests that the seed market in the South Korea will grow at a substantial rate owing to extensive support and investment by the government, growth of indigenous companies and rise of organic farming.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • South Korea Seed Market Research Report
  • South Korea Seed Market Production Output
  • Open Pollinated Seed Market South Korea
  • Hybrid Seed Market South Korea
  • Competition South Korea Seed Industry
  • Major Crop Production South Korea seed market
  • Market Share Major Players in South Korea Seed
  • Rice Seeds Market South Korea
  • Vegetable Seeds Market South Korea
  • Seed Import South Korea
  • Seed Export South Korea
  • Future Outlook South Korea Seed Market
  • South Korea Seed Market Developments
  • SWOT Analysis South Korea Seed Market
  • FarmHannong South Korea Revenue
  • Monsanto Seed Production South Korea
  • Syngenta South Korea Market Share
  • Rijk Zwaan Seed Production South Korea
  • Asia Seeds Market Revenue
  • Land Under Cultivation South Korea
  • Government Regulations South Korea Seed Market

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