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The growth in the seed industry of Spain can be attributed to the increase in consumption of food products, increase in demand for organically produced food products and progressive policies adopted by the government.

Spain is one of the largest producers of GM corn in Europe. Ukraine is one of the major importers of Spanish corn followed by Canada. Other major crops produced in the country are wheat, barley, rice, grapes, olives and vegetables. The demand for open pollinated seeds was highest in the country. Hybrid and genetically modified seeds are also consumed in substantial amounts. The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union has been a major driver for the agriculture sector in the country. The policy has provided direct benefits to the farmers and helped them to grow their overall production and yield. This support to the agriculture sector has also fostered growth in the seed sector of the country.

Spain is majorly an importer of seeds, the seeds for field crops dominate the overall imports. Seeds for vegetables are also imported in substantial amount. Majority of the seeds are imported from within the European Union countries. Durum wheat, used for production of pasta is also produced in large quantities in the country. The seed market is largely organized with almost all the major global players operating in the country, like DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta, Rijk Zwaan and others. A large number of indigenous players are also present in the market. These players are actively engaged in breeding of seeds that are resistant to diseases and are suitable for local use. Urbanization has led to decrease in overall area under cultivation in the country, this increased the consumption of hybrid and genetically modified seeds in the country which provide a higher yield. Owing to the high demand for organic food products in Europe the number of organic farms have been continuously rising in the country which has further augmented the seed market in Spain.

The report titled “Spain Seed Market by Technology Type (Open Pollinated, Hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds) by Crop Type (Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rye, Sugar beet, Vegetables, Olives, Grapes and Other Fruit Seeds) – Outlook to 2022” by Ken Research suggested a growth at a positive CAGR in revenues in Spain seed market due to increase in research and breeding programmes by companies, increase in organic farming and growth in production of food products in the next 5 years till 2022.

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