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Compound hoses are used in automobile industry, food processing industry, medical industry, chemical industry and various other industries for transportation of fluids. It is an integral process that is carried out by flexible conduits. On an average, every industry uses a variety of hoses as a crucial component for its smooth functioning of a process. Any defective compound hoses may cause various problems such as overheating, coolant loss, supply disruption and downtime in process. Compound hoses are used for transportation of volatile liquids or vapours and high temperature liquids or vapours to enhance the products that are manufactured in various industrial sectors. There is an increasing need for high quality compound hoses for smooth transportation, minimal leakage and durability of transportation of liquids or vapours. It was observed that there is a growing need for higher specifications in compound hoses that has lead to introduction of more differentiated compound hoses which are designed to suit specific needs in various industries.

Compound hoses that are used for transportation of fluids absorb piping movements or vibration in both axial and lateral directions. Advanced compound hoses possess rigid pipe elbows that accommodate tight bend radius and eliminates bending stress of the compound hose. Compound hose manufacturing depends on the type of coupling used and layering structures that are adopted. Coupling determines the major difference in its flow and layering determines the quality and usage of the compound hose. Compound hoses possess simple layering structure and also incredibly complex layering structure with several microfiber and textile layers that are implemented in the hose structure. Modern compound hoses in Europe are manufactured with resistance to fire, ozone and high level abrasions. They also provide more effective and longer lasting compound hoses for various industrial purposes.

According to the study “Europe Compound Hose Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, the compound hose market is split into various products such as food grade, medical grade and chemical grade. The compound hoses are utilized in various industries such as consumer goods, chemical industry, food industry, automobile and other industries. Geographically, Europe compound hose market is spread across Germany, Russia, UK, France, Italy and other regions. The leading players in Europe compound hose market are Dantec, Trelleborg, Jingjiang Daming Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Delox, Cjan Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd, TAIEN, EATON and LY Fluid. All the leading vendors are increasingly focusing on creating strong brand names, offering well-established products, and exhibit long-term reliability.

It was observed that there is an increased demand for eco-friendly and effective compound hoses in various industrial applications due to stringent environmental regulations in Europe. Incredible complex layering structures with several microfiber and textile layers are the major factors that are driving Europe’s compound hose market. Increasing adoption of compound hoses in various industries for effective materials management will witness a drastic growth in Europe’s compound hose market over the next few years.

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