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According to the report analysis, ‘Education Market Research Reports states that the main objective of the educational robots is to serve a bunch of an experience to ease the learner’s improvement of knowledge, attitude, skills and operation of robots. In addition, the technology of robots in the education industry is to motive the learner’s for enhancing the learning skills as well as for cater the new things and enhance knowledge. Furthermore, the major players of the robots in the education industry are working more actively for improving the applications of this technology and lead a market growth of the education market and build the market more competitively. The technology of Robots is playing an outstanding role in the education industry and in the current scenario of the education industry with the technology of robots represents the significant growth. The term of educational robotics is very much wide which refers to the physical platforms, educational resources, collection of activities, pedagogical philosophy and instructional programs. In the recent trend, there are many educational organizations which are using the robot teachers which make the learning more easy and attractive

However unsurprisingly, the technology of robots changing the environment of the education industry effectively and in the recent trend, teaching robotics in school is becoming a significantly an indispensable part of the curriculum. In addition, the education system of today majorly aims on Rote based learning and no stress is given on hands on learning procedure. The educational organizations need to develop the surroundings which is potential to learning, a safe well organized and well managed infrastructure which is suited not only learning but perfect for improving community and social skills and also encourage creativity and new innovations. According to the report analysis, ‘Education Industry Research And Market Reports’ states that robots in education enable the children to become more motivated and capture more educational things in mathematics, science and technology with the experimentation, observation, drawing, inference, rational reasoning, building, model, testability and others. Moreover, the presence of educational robotics create a culture of thinking, tinkering, inventing and doing to enlarge enquiry based learning in educational institution. In addition, robots in the education playing an important role for achieving the learning levels appropriate to the class study in mathematics and science. The technology of robots in the education detect the difference in learning and pertaining the new topics when it is appropriate.

Geographically, the developed countries is dominating the market of robots in the education industry and the developing countries is also showing their potential in the technology of robots of the education industry. It is expected that the North America region will account the highest share and the Europe is also doing so many technological development which is prominent for acquiring the handsome amount of share in the robots of the education industry. Whereas, the Asia pacific region is also expected to acquire the huge share in this market with more development in the technology and more new innovations in the specification of the robots. It is also observed that the numerous key players are doing effective job in this market with the more innovations in the applications of the robots which market more competitive and attractive. Therefore, in the near future it is expected that the robots in the education industry will lead the market growth more significantly over the decades.

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