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According to the study “Asia Curable Materials Industry Situation and Prospects Research report”, Asia’s curable materials are utilized for coatings, adhesive bonding, sealants, general electronics, printing, industrial, plastic bonding, and others. The major markets for curable materials are industrial and commercial coatings. Furthermore, plastic bonding applications may witness a potential growth due to increasing plastic manufacturing. The leading players in Asia’s curable materials are Rockwell Automation, Rubber King Tyre Pvt. Ltd, Green Rubber Group, Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, Arnette Polymers, Dymax Corporation and Shin-Nakamura Chemicals. All the leading vendors are increasingly focusing on expanding sales in developing markets and come up with effectual strategies to gain a competitive edge. They are focussing on fast production capacity, manufacturing with less floor space, and energy savings to ensure environment sustainability.

Curing is a process of chemical reaction or physical action that results in a harder, tougher, or more stable linkage of materials such as an adhesive bond. If additives are activated by ultraviolet radiation the process is called ultraviolet curing which is implemented in polymer materials by cross linking of polymer chains. Curable materials are utilized in bonding of metal, glass, adhesive and other industrial manufacturing processes.

Asia’s curable materials market is majorly segmented on the basis of type such as curable rubber, curable polymer and others. Curable polymer accounts for a major share in the market followed by curable rubber. After the curing process polymers exhibit high strength properties and are highly favoured in bonding application on metal, glass, adhesive, and in other industrial manufacturing processes. Therefore, there is a huge demand for curable polymers compared to curable rubber. Majority of the polymers used are single component that require no mixing and cure rapidly at room temperature upon exposure to a ultraviolet light source compared to other conventional polymers. Curable rubber in curable materials market is an emerging segment and will witness a slow growth over the next few years.

Geographically, Asia curable materials industry is spread across China, Japan, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other regions. Asian markets account for a major share in the global curable material market because of heavy consumption, urbanization and economic growth in countries such as China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Evolution in China’s automobile sector has led to a huge demand for curable materials in automobile manufacturing base and tires. India possesses several small scale curable material manufacturers which represents a dynamic growth in the future. The increasing demand for curable materials coupled with their advantages such as exceptional durability and appearance will drive the market in Asia for curable materials over the next few years.

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