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Healthcare sector has become of the world’s largest sector- both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare industry comprises of providers of diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services such as doctors, nurses, hospital, medical devices and equipments, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Medicine plays a very important role in protecting, restoring and maintaining one’s life so it is prerequisite to have adequate quantity and superior quality at a reasonable rate therefore has become concern of global and national policy makers to fulfill the needs. Especially in rural or undeveloped parts of the country it has become necessary to initiate a system that could provide specialized pocket friendly medication. Health Care Market Research Reports state that Telemedicine solved the issue as it used telecommunication and information technology to deliver healthcare services where distance and inadequate infrastructure act as a barrier.

Over these years Telemedicine has transformed into complex integrated service used in homes, hospitals and private clinics. Healthcare has grown immensely since telemedicine injection because of its phenomenal characteristic to respond to medical emergencies by sharing expertise medical consultation and patient health records without delay in remote areas as well as urban. Telepsychiatry is one of the leading fields in Telemedicine as it brings expertise psychological treatment to patients remotely by experienced psychiatrist to their door step. There is quickly and timely follow up of patients along with maintaining their computerized comprehensive data. The modes of Telepsychiatry communication are:

  • Synchronous-mimic face to face
  • Asynchronous-non real time, store and forward
  • Through cell phones, mails, online chats, blogs etc

Telepsychiatry works in a setting where there is either just patient or psychiatrist interact virtually or in present of family or under surveillance of some other psychiatrist so that patient is safe and don’t harm him. Telepsychiatry deals with the treatment of depression disorders, panic disorders, agoraphobia, and social phobia and anxiety issues. It gives shy patient sense of confidence and comfort level without exposing that they are seeking psychological help which let them express their psychological state without any fear of being judged. Health Care Industry Analysis states positive outcome in terms of acceptability and satisfaction of this type of medication which is of reasonable cost as well as reliable. There are many institution and hospital supporting telepsychiatry for example in India it is actively supported by Apollo Hospital, cherry on the cake where south India involved mobile telepsychiatry unit with video-conferencing facility to cater one district and In America JSA health Telepsychiatry has been initiated.

Most Tele Psychiatry projects have been reported from the developed nation like America, Australia, Canada and certain Europe Countries. In developing countries like India is at its preliminary stage. Telepsychiatry holds the potential to solve the enormous and intertwined problems of under diagnosing and under treating persons with mental illness and the lack of trained manpower at grassroots level. With the growth in practice of Telepsychiatry it is expected to become more diagnostically reliable, efficient and cost effective according to the needs and resources of developed nation. Telepsychiatry has become feasible alternative for the existing and grossly scarce mental health services.

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