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According to the report analysis, ‘Information Technology Industry Business Outlook And Procurement Survey June 2018 – November 2018’ suggests that companies are expected to gain significant growth opportunities from emerging markets (such as india, china and brazil) and developed markets (such as the us, germany, and the uk) during june-november 2018. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions are expected to increase with in the it industry over the next six months. Whereas, the majority of the it industry executives surveyed expect that their companies are most likely to invest in emerging technology such as artificial intelligence (ai) and internet of things (iot) over the next two years. Additionally, the information technology is widely used as a synonym for the computer networks, computers and others. Most importantly information technology involves things related to the internet.

Information technology is a sector of business that deals with computing which includes telecommunication, computer software, hardware and generally anything that involved in the transfer of information or system that enable communication. Information technology plays a vital role in the corporate sector whereas it is widely used in business and the field of computing. Moreover, information technology involves the maintenance, use of computer systems, development, software and network for the processing and distribution of data.

In the recent trend, information technology has become an essential part of our lives and pursue to proliferate into new realms. Moreover, in the market sector of information technology, amid the several challenges, such as rising competition, market uncertainty, and responding to pricing pressure, it companies are expected to grow significantly with their capital expenditure towards the new product development, and research & development over the next six months. The more development in the technology, expansion in the current market, new product development, and improving operational efficiency are the top four priorities for the it companies over the next six months.

Globally, china and india are the emerging markets that have the most potential for significant growth opportunities for the it industry, while, the us is highest growth-offering developed market during june-november 2018. Whereas, overall 68.0% of executives indicate that customer engagement has the highest scope for the digital transformation within the information technology industry. In addition, there are numerous key players which are currently operating in this sector which includes infosys, amazon, microsoft corporation, dell technologies, accompany, astound, capgemini corporation, cisco systems and others. The key players expect an increment in the procurement activities for the information technology services and technology/license purchases during june-november 2018. Information technology plays a central role in the operation of many companies due to the computer networking sites.

With the applications and usage of the information technology lead the significant growth in this market with more innovations and upgradation in the old processing unit. Therefore, it is expected that in the near future the information technology industry will grow positively.

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