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According to the study, Asia Flexitanks Industry Situation And Prospects Research Report” some of the major companies which are currently functioning in the same domain for improvement in the technology and the product across Asia include U.S. Silica, Fairmount Santrol, Preferred Sands, Badger Mining Corporation, Unimin Corporation, Chieftain Sand, Emerge Energy Services LP, Carbo Ceramics, Hi-Crush Partners LP, Smart Sand Inc., Chongqing Changjiang and others. Flexitanks industry is still in its nascent stage which is yet receiving funding from various organization and investors, making it a highly attractive industry. In addition, the usage of flexitanks decreases the cost of transportation of liquids and makes it more effective by more developments in this industry.

In the ancient era companies have to spend a huge amount on the transportation but the invention of flexitanks offer huge cost saving as compared to traditional transportation method for bulk commodity traders. Flexitanks are more reasonably priced then drums and ISO tanks. Flexitanks are just like bags which are used to transport large quantities of liquid. Usually flexitanks are employed for transportation of non-hazardous liquid such as sweeteners, wine, fruit juices and others. Moreover, the flexitanks is classified in two segments of market such as type 1 and type 2. Not only has this, the application of flexitanks are segmented into the market such as food applications, industrial applications, chemical applications and others. Majorly use of flexitanks in transportation of liquids has led to growth in the market even more in the recent years.

In Asia-Pacific region, demand for flexitanks is majorly among the countries which have business related to transportation of non-hazardous liquids. In addition, the flexitanks can be used for any liquid and semi-solid food material. With all this applications the key player are functioning very effectively in this sector of market for the development in the technology and making cost more economical. Significant growth in the demand of flexitanks has led the companies to currently invest in updating and upgrading their technologies in order to maximize the demand and minimize the cost that is involved. In future, it is estimated that the future of packaging is going to take a significant role in the industry.

Moreover, the demand of flexitanksis increasing due to its capacity and increasing availability for means of transportation coupled with surging demand for food and beverages. Likely, increasing wine trade has triggered the usage of flexitanks in recent past, and a same trend is expected to witnessa rapid growth in the forecast period. Not only beverages are transported but the chemicals are also transported but non-hazardous. With all these applications the flexitank market is spread across the Asia-Pacific region including China, India, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and other regions. However unsurprisingly, Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing market which will account highest share in the market due to rapid industrialization and export and import of non-hazardous liquid across the globe.  Moreover, the report also consist the more importance of flexitanks which give a significant growth to the market and led to competition in the market by countries. Therefore, the companies doing their business more effectively and being a witness in the significant growth of the product in the forecast period.

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