The Indonesian Chemical Construction Company is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~9% in the upcoming years: Ken Research


1. Oligopolistic Market is with a few players dominating the market, with high fragmentation among smaller players occupying minute portions of the pie.

Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market

Indonesian construction sector is expected to grow at YoY rate of 5.4%, i.e., at CAGR 11% over the period of 2022-2025, thus impacting the growth rate of construction chemical market as well. The extremely humid climate of Indonesia, with increasing awareness of construction chemicals is driving up demand for waterproofing products.

The market has significant presence in terms of numbers of small sized players operating in different product categories. Industry is growing at a faster rate compared to the Global Industry. Only few major companies such as Aquaproof, SIKA, Fosroc, MBS have strong retail chains in the industry. Unorganized market share is ~20% of the overall Construction Chemicals Market as of FY20. Moreover, the overall market is highly oligopolistic, with major players such as SIKA, Fosroc, MBS, Mapei and ESTOP capturing nearly 75% of the market.

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2. Indonesian Construction Chemicals Market Size Market Size in FY’20 was ~12 Mn USD and it has grown at a CAGR of 7.3% from FY’15 to FY’20.

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Growth in urbanization and development of housing projects led to the growth for construction chemicals. Demand for high quality and durable products such as construction admixture for cements, waterproofing chemicals increased the adoption of construction chemicals. The drought and water scarcity in Indonesia has led to the demand for water reducer additives and newer technologies that allow construction processes to consume lesser water.

Global companies increased their presence by opening new manufacturing plants, for instance SIKA opened a third manufacturing plant in Indonesia, Deka Group has acquired PT Estop Indonesia to enhance their concrete admixture sales. Sika, Fosroc, MBS are few of the pure construction chemicals companies having strong presence in market. Whereas companies such as Bostik, DOW, Bossil, that majorly offer other allied products are also present in market. Construction sector had to bear the worst impact of Covid-19 as there was major financial crunch in the market. Construction activities were completely halted and projects shut down, which indirectly affected the construction chemicals market adversely.