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Overview: In the modern digital age technology is tapping at the doors of commercial industries. The furniture industry is no exception as developments like tabletop tablets and touch screen tables are revolutionizing the way people and technology coordinatetogether. From restaurants to residential developers, everyone is trying to better incorporate the developments in technology in order to attract customers. Touchscreen tables are a revolutionary step in the furniture industry. These are enlarged tablets incorporated in normal tables the result of which is a stable platform which is both responsive to touch and is able to hold normal objects without getting damaged.

Evolution: Technology and furniture have started integrating despite the industry being primitive. The concepts of technology modifying furniture are still in their testing phase with major tech giants experimenting by pushing the boundaries of already developed gadgets. Many institutions especially hotels and eating joints are now adopting modern tableware that will make operations easier to conduct and bring customers closer to technology. Recent applications and developments include-

  • Microsoft Surface whichisan I-Phone like touch interface for tables being used in the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
  • Lenovo Idea Centre Horizon 27.
  • Dell XPS 18.0

Market Scenario: Furniture industry analysis reveals that technical upgrades are being made to the industry now, more than ever. The touch screen market is expected to surge by 2020.United States has by far the largest number of touch screen technology users in the world. Asia-Pacificis the fastest growing touch screen market with a 20%CAGR.Apart from major Asian technological hubs like South Korea and Singapore, India is also rapidly developing its digital market. The Indian market sees modest players like Touch Screen India, Control Electric Co Pvt. Ltd, Calista and Edutek Instrumentation all of which are specialized in touch screen panels.

Competitors: There are more than 250 touch screen suppliers in the world most of which have been investing in touch screen technology from as recently as five years ago. Developers such as Design Café are innovating and have released 4K Multi touch Tables .According to furniture market research reports Design Café has become a leader in the industry by providing the most hi-tech tables. Immersion Corporation

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