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UAE market is on the strong and sustainable growth trajectory. Whereas, the economy has faced volatility during the recent past years due to the effective growth in foreign direct investment, augment in investments in infrastructure, negative repercussions of the worldwide economic slowdown, 100% ownership in the certain segment and fall in the oil prices.

At Ken Research, the UAE Market Research Reports on e-commerce logistics market delivers an all-inclusive analysis of e-commerce logistics services in the UAE. The UAE Industry Market Reports covers various aspects comprising the market size (by number of orders and revenue), return rate, industry cycle, timeline, market separation by channel (e-commerce merchants and 3PL companies), by domestic and international shipments, by zone of delivery (intercity and intracity), by mode (ground, air & sea shipments), by delivery duration duration (same day delivery, 1-3 day delivery, and more than 3 day delivery), by type of products and by payment mode (cash on delivery, credit & debit cards and several others).

The UAE enjoys several advantages that make it ideal for e-commerce growth. Its customer demographic entails of a young internet-savvy populace, with high social media usage. Appreciation in the number of smart phones around the country, high consumer confidence, moving consumer preferences, etc. has increased the growth of e-commerce leading surging requirement for e-commerce logistics as well around the country. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have emerged as the foremost hub for demand and supply of the e-commerce logistics. The COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed the requirement in the market as the requirement for social distancing has forced individuals to rely on online shopping. The growth in the E-commerce orders for logistics has been majorly propelled with an increment in internet affinity and requirement for value added services.

Moreover, UAE Market Growth Reports also covers the complete competitive landscape and growth drivers and trends and government role and guidelines. The UAE Market Analysis Report completes with market projection for future for the market, Covid-19 effect, analysts’ take on the future and case studies prominence the major opportunities.

Nonetheless, the reports on UAE experiential learning provides the UAE market overview and size basis revenue and a number of subscribers of the activity kit subscription industry across UAE, supply ecosystem analysis, subscriber profile basis several socio-demographic variables, market separation, business model analysis, revenue torrent analysis competition benchmarking, porter five force analysis, BCG Matrix analysis, COVID impact, future prognoses and projected trends & challenges.

UAE country research reports also provides the market revenue of the K12 E-Learning Industry, along with revenue by grade and paid user profile by unalike socio-demographic variables. The report talks about new trends observed in the industry along with UAE market entry strategies & future manners forward for K12 E-Learning to move ahead. The UAE market analysis report discusses detailed competition analysis in e-learning and achieves with analyst recommendations conveying a go-to-model for the industry.

In addition, the activity kit industry experienced double-digit revenue and subscriber growth during the review period. Moving lifestyle with a growing number of dual working parents and rising screen time of kids, has led to the require of self-engaging, enjoyable and educational solution such as activity kits.

Moreover, the high internet penetration, growing working populace, and an augmenting the number of single families have led to the growth of e-grocery services around the UAE.  The number of organizations offering grocery delivery services in the UAE has augmented over the years. Companies have enlarged their product portfolios from food & beverages to household supplies, baby food, fresh food, fish & meat, and several other product categories. Based on the region, the Dubai and Abu Dhabi mapped as foremost cities based on demand and supply of online grocery services. This is majorly owing to the concentration of populace in these regions. Working professionals, who are the foremost end-users of online grocery delivery services, are concerted around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Companies are projected to aim on enlarging tie ups with suppliers & grocery stores to fulfill consumer orders. The demand is projected to be propelled by upcoming technologies such as Drone Delivery, Warehouse Automation, Voice Ordering and several others. Market consolidation is projected in future as players with heavy financial backing and better brand value will obtain the small players.

Not only has this, the UAE has a robust freight forwarding market possessing to the strategic geographical position on the trans-continental trade route and multi-modal connectivity around the UAE. Sea freight registers the freight forwarding market in terms of volume owing to the expansion of sea ports and improvement of free zones. Industry and retail is the foremost end user in terms of revenue around the freight forwarding market of UAE.

UAE Warehousing Market has augmented at a consistent rate during 2013-2019 because of increment in investments around the economy in the manufacturing segment. Warehouses are majorly located near the free zone to confirm the fast delivery and proficient movement of products around the borders. The warehousing companies require to obtain the license for handling precise products such as pharmaceuticals. Warehousing market has started implementing the advanced technology such as WMS, block chain, RFID tags to confirm efficient functions. Along with warehousing, the requirement for value added services has also augmented in the UAE.

UAE E-commerce Logistics Market has observed exponential growth due to the increasing technological improvements, favorable consumer demographics and efficient mobile and internet penetration. High dependence of foreign trade is also a major reason for e-commerce growth across UAE. Government has also helped the growth of e-commerce through advancement of free zones for e-commerce industries.

The logistics industry is probable to observe the entry of new players and new mergers and acquisition amongst the players. The growing requirement of perishable products in the country will consequently increase the requirement for fast delivery affecting cold chain markets of UAE. In addition to this, growing investments in the manufacturing segment aiming to encourage the economic diversification will pave a path of growth trajectory for logistics and warehousing market of the UAE.

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