United Arab Emirates Facilities Management Market Is Estimated To Grow At A Positive CAGR Of 14.5% In Between 2022 And 2026F – Ken Research


1. The Facilities Management market survived the pandemic owing to the requirements for deep cleaning and sanitation generated by the infrastructure across the country

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The rising real estate, construction and tourism sector for the United Arab Emirates have contributed to the growth of Facilities Management in the country. Apartment Supply in Dubai has picked up as well, from 6,000 apartment units in the first quarter of 2022 to 7,000 units completed in the second quarter. Improvement in tourism activities post pandemic is expected to contribute to the growth in hotel industry, thereby creating ample demand for facility management services.

2. The Commercial and Residential real estate in the United Arab Emirates is on the rise, both together contribute more than ~80% in Facilities Management market

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The residential buildings are setting up facilities management contracts very much prior as these are key for the ‘green buildings’ initiative by emirate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The infrastructure segment contributed ~15% to the revenue for 2021, the malls remained shut for an initial phase of the year. The Expo 2020 boosted the country’s residential, commercial and infrastructure space.

Owing to Expo 2020 held in Dubai in the later half of 2021, the real estate in United Arab Emirates went into over-drive, anticipating millions of visitors coming to the country and there was rapid development, in terms of a lot of new apartments and rental spaces, which in turn boosted the Facilities Management companies’ revenues.

3. Energy Management and Green Facilities Management can be a key driver for the United Arab Emirates Facilities Management Market in the coming years

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  • Energy management is an upcoming space which many major facility management players are targeting, either by merging with specialized energy management firms or creating their own energy management arms
  • The Tourism receipts is on an upward trend post the pandemic which means development of infrastructure across the country to further promote tourism. The usage of Hotels, Malls, and other amenities shall also increase which require upkeep through Facilities Management providers
  • The emirate governments have made a number of service mandatory to be used by the buildings across the country. Security for Residential and Commercial is a mandate and would increase the revenues for Facilities Management companies being employed for the same.

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