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Melamine foam is a product of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulphate copolymer. It is made out of melamine resin which is formed as a result of polymerisation of melamine and formaldehyde. Asia Flexible Melamine Foam is highly beneficial due to its favourable properties such as heat resistance, soundproof, heating and insulation. In the transportation industry, Flexible Melamine Foamis used in the automotive sector which faces the challenge to make their vehicles fuel efficient and reduce emissions. It is broadly used here to produce small and energy-efficient motors which help in reducing the heat emission of these motors. For constructions, it is used for ceilings and wall tiles since flexible melamine is heat resistant and flame resistant. They are excellent insulators too, as they can bear from 180 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius and for short period of times, it can bear up to 240 degree Celsius.

The grid-like structure of the foam helps in restraining the heat transfer and so is used in air conditioning duct lining, ventilation and so on. Since Flexible Melamine Foams are soundproof, they are used in sports stadiums, theatres, music and dance galleries, aviation, auditoriums and automotives to reduce the emission of noise; as these foams allow sound waves to travel deeply and prevent the reflection of the sound waves due to its grid-like structure. Flexible Melamine Foams are not biodegradable, but are safe and pose no health hazards.

Geographically, in the Asian region, the major players are from China, Japan, India, Korea and Saudi Arabia, China being the top contributor. The important players who have major market share are BASF SE, SINOYQX (Yulong), Puyang Green Foam, Recticel, Junhua group, BEIJING GUOJIAN ANKE,  CMSD anskin Acoustics Limited,  Linyi Yingke Chemistry, Acoustafoam, Queen City, Reilly Foam, Wilhams, HodgsonHodgson and Clark Foam.

The growing population, industrialisation and rapid infrastructure development in the Asian countries has driven the demand in the Flexible Melamine Foam industry. There are various technological advancements in the industry and the leading companies have dedicated R&D, making it essential for new entrants and competitors to be consistent with technological advancements. The Asian countries in this industry show an upward trend in the upcoming years mainly owing to rapid industrialisation, high per capita income and urbanisation in these countries.

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