Urbanization Leads to Upward Trend in Packaging Industry In Thailand: Ken Research


Ken Research’s Trends and Opportunities in the Thai Packaging Industry: Analysis of changing packaging trends in the Food, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Beverages and Other Industries provides information on key challenges, competitive and demographic analysis that will help in taking competitive decisions. The report throws light on the latest information on how the market is evolving to formulate sales and marketing strategies for manufacturing and retailers. The report gives information on leading brands regionally with their market share and their growth rates. The analysts have also placed a significant emphasis on the key trends that drive consumer choice and future opportunities that can be explored in the region, that can help companies in revenue expansion.  The key products in the packaging industry are rigid plastics, rigid metal, paper & board, flexible packaging, glass, resealable, lightweight. The report provides material growth analysis by industry and sector and provides an overview of each packaging material and the industry where it is mostly used.

Due to rapid urbanization in Thailand, the Thai packaging industry across various product categories is developing. Due to disruption of urban lifestyles in the traditional society of Thailand, the urge for greater convenience has led to the population to consume a type of packaging that is easy to use and easily portable. Thailand is witnessing a growing number of coffee shops and outlets. This has influenced the packaging industries to make packaging decisions for beverages that are non – alcoholic. Increase in disposable incomes, urbanization and higher standards of living has developed a competitive market for beauty and cosmetics products in the country. This has led to various regional and foreign players disrupting the market, which in turn is a boom for packaging industries.

Research studies show that people prefer small size packages across food packaging due to its convenience and diminishing size of households. The government’s initiatives to curb the use of plastic and its pollution and the media attention on the same is set to have an influence on the packaging industry since a wide range of areas like in-home care, laundry, dishwashing use plastic packaging and chemicals that are toxic for the environment. Thus, the growth of the plastic packaging industry is low, especially in the rigid plastic segment. But there are significant innovations in the plastic packaging like replacing the use of single-use plastic with flexible – use plastics and bio-resins. However, rigid plastics continue to have the highest market share in different packaging used.

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