Owing to Increase in consumer preference towards local language, the market is expected to grow to 60K Crores in India Vernacular Market: Ken Research


  • During Covid pandemic, there has been a significant increase in online content users due to high screen time, leading to high growth in the vernacular industry of the country.
  • Government has provided support towards the vernacular industry by their vernacular innovation program, development of multilingual operation system by Bharat Operating System Solution and MeitY working on real time language translation tools.
  • Vernacular platforms started focusing on monetization through advertisement model, with most of the companies working in the pilot phase of earning revenue.

Technology development: Technology advancement in the vernacular field would ensure increasing user participation and retention with the development of user-friendly website and application interface through browser embedding multilingual fonts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning software will help targeting relevant user base and ensure enhances user experience. Development of 5G technology in the country would increase the data speed in the country, with telecoms focused on providing services to rural part of the country. Companies are working towards the development of multilingual bot assistance in Indian languages and ensuring user retention through customer services. With development of technology, smartphones are getting more affordable in the country and the penetration expected to rise with the support of increasing disposable income.

Ecosystem Expansion: Constant government support towards the development of vernacular space, loyal customer base and monetizing abilities driving the growth of ecosystem in the vernacular space of the country. Identification of monetizing abilities with the loyal customer base, assisted with the increasing attachment of people towards their localized languages and the need of regional content providing opportunities for the vernacular companies in the country.

The report titled India Vernacular News and Content Market Outlook to 2025: Driven by adoption of high rural smartphone and internet penetration, shifting consumer preference towards local language and content creation by Ken Research suggested that the Vernacular News and Content platform market is expected to grow significantly owing to increasing internet and smartphone penetration in rural part of the country assisted with the government support. The market growth will be driven by increasing monetization of platforms, acceptability of people to consume in native languages and Vernacular ecosystem expansion. The existing news and content companies not in the vernacular space are looking to expand in the industry by offering new languages and relevant information to their platforms. The market is expected to register a positive five year CAGR of 74% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2022-2027F.

India Vernacular News and Content Market

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Indian Vernacular Market

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Historical Period: FY’2017-FY’2022

Forecast Period: FY’2023-FY’2027F

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Vernacular News Platforms


One India

News Point

Headline Network




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Overview of India Vernacular Industry

Vernacular India Market Overview

Vernacular India Market Sizing and Segmentation

Vernacular Industry Analysis

End User Analysis in Vernacular Players

Future sizing and outlook for Vernacular Industry

Competitive analysis of Indian Vernacular Industry Players

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