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Veterinary Healthcare is the term that covers both veterinary medical as well as remedial care services. It is majorly inclusive of veterinary services, animal medicines and veterinary medical equipments.

The industry research report titled, “Veterinary Healthcare Global Market Report 2018Including: Veterinary Services; Veterinary Medical Equipment; Animal Medicine Covering: Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Cargill Inc., Ceva Sante Animale, Eli Lilly and Company” offers a detailed information to its users including strategists, marketers and senior management persons; which is necessary for evaluating the global veterinary healthcare market.  It very well provides all the relevant data about competitive environment among animal health companies in the veterinary healthcare market along with an insight of the major companies and their products in the industry.

The report majorly caters to the markets, namely- Veterinary Services; Veterinary Medical Equipment; Animal Medicine in regions including Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa. The industry possesses a large number of players and thereby appears to be greatly fragmented. Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Cargill Inc., Ceva Santé Animale, Eli Lilly and Company have been witnessed as the global key players of this industry.

The global veterinary healthcare market has managed to register a valuation amount of nearly USD 27 billion in the year 2017 wherein USA has been the largest country enjoying a share of nearly 0.4% of the overall global veterinary healthcare market. In geographical terms, the Americas have been noticed as accounting for a major share in the global market because of availability of big pharmaceutical companies in a good amount in these regions. It is further anticipated that the market will showcase growth in the Americas as the years roll by since nearly 9 in 10 Americans are foreseen to regard their pet as a part of their family and thereby spend on animal healthcare without any frugality via growing animal care awareness.

The most recent trend that has led to an affirmative growth of the industry is none other than “rising animal healthcare awareness”. With the advent of rising awareness, the world is becoming much more knowledgeable in this matter via means of electronic, print, or digital media. Moreover, a good number of market vendors and governments have recently come up with ideas like animal health awareness campaigns, for instance; an animal awareness campaign known as “a healthy pet = a happy family” recently supported the pet owners in suspecting warning signs of diabetes among their pets if any. Hence as a result, the pet owners as well as animal farmers have been lately observed as amplifying their levels of awareness around animal health and they are well encouraged to take their pets to the veterinary doctor at veterinary health center at regular intervals. With the continuation of concern building among people, the global veterinary healthcare market is sure to register huge amounts of revenue and thus relish success in the coming future.

Also, it has been noticed that a rise in the ownership of animals in the recent past has been one of the significant drivers for this market. Dogs have remained the most popular type of pet with almost two in five households owning a dog and the cats have been the next most common type of pet with nearly three in 10 households owning a cat. The reasons behind an augmentation in this trend for animal ownership have been witnessed as – mushrooming needs for companionship & entertainment coupled with significantly rising disposable incomes over the years. Even, the advancing popularity of participation of animals in sports like racing, one-on-one and team events, hunting, and fighting has further plunged the need for optimally performing animals in such sports, which again spurs the demand for ameliorated animal health care services.

Lately, the pet insurance industry has started providing new product lines for veterinary services in the developed markets. Such an insurance cover is expected to aid the pet owners by discovering a variety of treatment options available, ultimately ensuring better healthcare of animals.

The global animal healthcare market is foreseen to expand to about USD 32.04 billion by 2022 due to propelling demand for veterinary diagnostics, amplifying expenditure on animal health and pet insurance, high adoption of pets and increasing number of vet practitioners around the world in the years to come. Therefore, the veterinary healthcare services market on a whole is all set to proliferate in the future years through such positive demand drivers.

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