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The “Warehousing and Storage Industry” revolves around those establishments that are introduced around the globe in relation with operating warehousing and storage facilities for general merchandize, refrigerated goods and other warehouse products.

The report titled,Warehousing And Storage Global Market Report 2018Including: General Warehousing And Storage; Refrigerated Warehousing And Storage; Specialized Warehousing And StorageCovering: APL,DHL,Genco, Mitsubishi Logistics ,Kuehne+Nagelmakes it convenient for the strategists, marketers and senior management officials to be acquainted with all the required critical information for evaluating the global warehousing and storage market. It covers the market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for the global market and also tracks records of market’s historic and forecast market growth by geography. The report well positions the market with respect to the context of wider transportation services market around the globe, and compares it with other markets by simultaneously carrying out a descriptive analysis on the basis of Expenditure Per Capita, The Warehousing and Storage Market Indicators Comparison.

The markets that come under the whole industry majorly include these three types namely- General Warehousing and Storage; Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage; Specialized Warehousing and Storage. The regions catered to in this global report include: Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.  APL, DHL, Genco, Mitsubishi Logistics, and Kuehne+Nagel have persisted to be the major global players of this industry. The market on a whole has witnessed a valuation of about USD 479.4 billion in 2017 where North America has accounted for the largest geographic region covering around 27.7% of the global market.

USA has prolonged to be the largest country recently accounting for nearly 21.1% of the global warehousing and storage market majorly because it relishes a great share in the global general as well as specialized warehousing and storage industry. Operators of warehouses have been noticed as presently being involved in the construction of multi-story warehouses in densely populated cities and expensive land spaces. This will undoubtedly result in amplification of the usable floor space per square foot of land leading to a better land utilization rate along with an upgradation in the operational efficiency. As a consequence, the global warehousing and storage industry has accounted for around 8% of the overall transportation services market in 2017, and thus has reckoned to be the fifth largest market in the global transportation services industry. These trends are foreseen to ameliorate over the years with such upcoming innovative ideas. There has been a significant increase in demand for the warehousing and storage market with the passage of time. It is further forecasted that there will be an evolving demand for smart warehouses in the coming future which would involve proper usage of internet for tracking a product in the warehouse and ultimately will aid in augmenting the connected efficiency and speed across the supply chain. Moreover, in recent developments, a good variety of devices consisting of wearable, sensors and radio frequency identification tags have been used to locate the products in a warehouse. This has resulted in an overall reduction of time taken to deliver the product to the ultimate customers along with enhancement of the accuracy levels. With these timely technological improvements, a rapid growth of warehousing and storage market is bound to occur, as the years roll by.


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