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Customer feedback is a fundamental key for any retail business that allows you to make quick improvements as well as address more comprehensive challenges. Besides, the retail survey is a specific type of survey that a retail company sends to its customers. The Retail Customer Feedback survey Companies ask their customers/clients for feedback on their latest shopping experience and also ask their experiences with business in general. This type of customer feedback can be delivered in a variety of ways including via text, social media, email, or webpage.

Retail organizations get benefit from these customer feedback surveys including key to improvement, opportunity to gather innovative ideas directly from the customer and retention. Apart from customer feedback surveys, customer experience survey is also important key for any retail business. If we want our customers to be satisfied with our brand and loyal in the long-term, we must continually improve the Customer Experience. Experience is a very tricky thing to quantify as experience is not generic; it varies between the shoppers and this is in large part owing to their expectations. Few prefer to discover on their own while others seek out interactions with the knowledgeable store associates. When entering a store or shop, both of these shoppers are grading their experience in a different way. Whereas there is no silver bullet, by beginning to get the pulse on what customers’ experiences are, we can slowly identify the ways to deliver or ideally over-deliver against expectations. Apart from this, to create a positive retail experience and to gather qualitative metrics on customer experience, some important points are:  positive retail experience creates the brand locality and also impacts the purchasing decisions of customers. And other important point is to gather the qualitative metrics about customer satisfaction & experience to improve the business; we need the right tools and incentives to encourage our customers to share their opinions.

Ken Research provides best Retail Customer Experience Surveys and encourages our customers to buy more & generate more revenue. By this process, we continually improve the customer experience. In retail business, there are three key elements of the customer experience: product, services and omnicanality. Service elements may be the decor, retail’s general atmosphere, organization, any service provided and others. Product elements generally include quality of products, value for money, packaging and special offers etc. Additionally, omnicanality generally consists in being able to address the customers/clients who only purchase in a store on the other channels (SMS, email, social-networks, search, etc.), represents a noteworthy value creation opportunity for companies.

To gain the holistic view of any retail business’s health & performance, retailers must focus on qualitative & quantitative metrics. whereas most retailers collect & review the sales metrics and KPIs, for instance sales per employee, sales per square foot, and profit margin per unit, these numbers alone don’t tell the full story. In order to keep a look-out for long-term success of the business, other metrics must be involved in product analysis. Particularly, customer’s level of satisfaction as well as quality of customers’ experience can be a valuable measure to predict the enduring performance not captured in transactional sales data.

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