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Ken Research cloud consulting leverages widespread client engagements for developing the benchmark operating models, modernization frameworks, and refine change management for profitable end-to-end cloud deployment & utilization. Our cloud consulting services facilitate you to select the right cloud solutions that integrate smoothly as well as deliver optimal return on technology investment. We have remained at the front position of this cloud development, directing our customers through adoption of virtualization & joined infrastructure solutions toward the software defined foundation model and all the benefits that come with cloud computing.

Our qualified cloud consultants can assist you to determine the efficacy and implement various cloud solutions such as digital transformation, converged & hyper converged infrastructure, virtualization, Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), Software as a service (SaaS) & Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions and many other cloud solutions. We use various methodologies for cloud consulting services including execution strategy, assessment-as-a-service and cloud consulting.  The execution strategy includes migration strategy, compliance, information & workloads classification strategy, governance and cloud security strategy. The assessment-as-a-service includes the total cost of ownership, cloud infrastructure, the availability & Business Continuity Planning (BCP) implications, return on investment (RoI) estimate, compliance & regulatory implications, enterprise adaptation and security & data sovereignty implications and others. Additionally, cloud consulting methodology includes solution architecture, capacity planning & sizing, services provider decisions, compliance & security consulting, cloud v/s TCO costing evaluation and High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR) and BCP solutions. The key benefits are included increased competitiveness, high success probability and insight into problems.

We provide Cloud Consulting Service for creation and improvement of maintenance & operations of new data centers. Data center server is a very high performance computer, packed with a lot of memory. It is very faster as well as more powerful processor. This data center server may be dedicated to single task, various applications and specific customers. Data center includes many components such as firewalls, servers, routers, cyber security systems switches and storage systems.

Ken Research assessments clearly characterize the data centers facility infrastructure & operational problems, leading to existent solutions related to power & cooling capacity, operational consistency, or energy usage. They also include basic capacity surveys, an ITSM-based capability assessments and infrastructure condition & capacity analysis, which are specific to data centers. Data centre facilities assertion enables the superior operating services life at high reliability & performance levels through our consulting for the maintenance & operational programs consulting.

Selecting Data Centre Consultants is a major investment decision for our company as they would be hosting all of their significant data in the operator’s facility. Choosing the correct data centre operator can lead to considerable cost savings and improve competence of the business in the long run. Our data center consulting services combine both priceless, upfront tactical assessments & planning with the continued support in the delivery of the evaluation outcomes and recommendations. These consulting services deliver the hybrid infrastructures & organized data centers as an integrated aspect of IT strategy.

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