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The furniture industry today is one of the leading industries that incorporate technology in their products. Today wireless charging has grown more than ever. More and more devices are coming with built-in wireless charging and others with accessories to allow wireless charging. Furniture Market Research Reports Consulting highlights the fact that customers today are demanding furniture that is innovative whilst being comfortable.

Wireless charging furniture has been a result of technology being incorporated into furniture. Such furniture is mainly being developed to cater to the wireless charging feature of modern cellular phones such as Apple i-Phone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 among others. There have been recent developments in this respect-

  1. London based Fonesalesman has developed FurniQi. Which is a wireless charging side table that aims to function efficiently while still looking elegant. The simple bamboo design features a Qi wireless charging spot marked with a subtle laser engraving capable of charging a range of phones and devices. It also has an optional audible notification, making the table simple to use when the lights are off.
  2. Argentina based smart furniture company Curvilux has recently launched its modern nightstand which has a built in wireless charger.
  3. Sweden’s IKEA has developed its Wireless Charging Collection which has increased the scope of wireless charging by incorporating it in a wide range of furniture items that go beyond lamps and nightstands to charging pads which can be installed anywhere.
  4. Ecommerce companies are also investing in the field Amazon has also taken steps in this direction and has launched a few of its original furniture pieces that adhere to the concept of wireless charging. The Ampulla Charging Lamp and Sierra Modern Home Smart Table are some examples. Even eBay has developed products like Wooden Portable Speaker and Woody Wireless Charger.

Furniture Business Review reveals that most of the developments taking place in wireless charging furniture are made either by tech giants or e-commerce companies. This constantly developing field has led to a business partnership between the two for instance; Curvilux launched its nightstand on Indiegogo. Moreover, many discounts and offers are also being laid on such products to give incentive to the public to buy them. IKEA is seen as a major player in technological developments and its products and future projects that incorporate the concept of wireless charging are believed to be key drivers for future growth. Apart from major tech giants wireless charging is also capturing the attention of educational institutions like Stanford University and big companies like Disney. The former is working on wireless transmission whereas the latter has developed a wireless charging room.

Furniture as an industry is growing rapidly and incorporating technical developments like wireless charging is expected to further its growth. The current scenario may suggest modest use of wireless charging furniture but its technological innovation is capturing the attention of many people. Along with already established world leaders like IKEA, many other companies and institutions are also experimenting with the technology, further highlighting its immense potential. Wireless charging is said to be the next step in innovation and wireless charging furniture is said to pave the way for future developments.

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